How To Use Newspaper clipping In A Sentence

  • Reade, for instance, created mountainous archives in preparation for his work, with newspaper clippings and other research materials.
  • The film ends with a montage of newspaper clippings about American involvement over the next two decades, but its impact is muted.
  • Neri gave him a folder filled with newspaper clippings, pictures and printouts of documents.
  • Other documents include letters, newspaper clippings, and photographs.
  • The Givens Collection houses a growing amassment of papers relating to the Givens family, which includes photographs, newspaper clippings, and some organizational records of the Givens Foundation of African American Literature.
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  • Unable to watch news reports on the disaster, she collected newspaper clippings, but couldn't look at them for several months.
  • He was looking through a pile of old newspaper clippings .
  • Posters, newspaper clippings, and magazine interviews littered his walls.
  • Now my friends are constantly sending me newspaper clippings that low carb is a fad that is dying out and telling me to cut my losses and close the business.
  • Steve opened the drawer under his desk and pulled out a pile of magazines and newspaper clippings.
  • He was looking through a pile of old newspaper clippings .
  • If they wanted white to imply the straight-laced hero character, they could have spiced it up with posters and/or newspaper clippings. Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » What do you think about this novel cover?
  • Reframe and restore old photos; create scrapbooks and shadow-box displays using old letters, tickets, newspaper clippings—anything that helps retell your family's story. Sole Survivors: Adult Orphans Preserve, Adapt Traditions
  • All of a sudden she could be heard just about rolling on the floor with laughter as she was getting the stove top popcorn popper out of the cupboard when on a bulletin board this newspaper clipping caught her attention.
  • There are the usual family shots, newspaper clippings, and other photos of days gone by.
  • Photocopies of UP press sheets and a few newspaper clippings document the Shelton gang of southern Illinois.
  • For years he has kept a newspaper clipping that dubbed him ‘the most hated accountant in Britain‘.
  • Old newspaper clippings were carefully laminated to protect them from the elements.
  • It was some kind of scrapbook, stuffed to the brim with photos, letters, and newspaper clippings.
  • The narrow hallway walls were covered with newspaper clippings and photographs, all stuck on with thumbtacks and masking tape.
  • It was black, just like her room, but the ceiling was covered in multiple newspaper clippings with certain words highlighted in colours.
  • The other day someone anonymously sent us a newspaper clipping, dated a few years back. THE EXECUTION
  • A newspaper clipping, laminated, was taped to the side of the station, with a photo of a big grinning guy smiling into the sun.
  • Like the planter's grain or publisher's newspaper clippings, the overabundance of our media archives can now be clipped and gathered by a new generation of gleaners.
  • But remember those old newspaper clippings mentioning that he'd been hanged by the Home Office's principal Official Executioner?
  • The other day someone anonymously sent us a newspaper clipping, dated a few years back. THE EXECUTION
  • Years of early art, pencil sketches, architectural renderings, magazine covers, newspaper clippings and personal photographs are also on display in the new gallery.
  • The contents were old photographs and more newspaper clippings.
  • Newspaper clippings from the underground press during the emergency are also included.
  • Ephemera - postcards, letters on onionskin foolscap, newspaper clippings - are tucked into the pages and offer narrative clues. Times, Sunday Times
  • You can smell the lavender sachets on them, if not indeed the mothballs, and they seem to be made up of faded photographs and yellowing newspaper clippings.
  • Your tenement and job remind me of another young woman: Francie Noln in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn; she gets a job in a Manhattan newspaper clipping service and emancipates herself in the process! I scan 2 photographs from the 1970s.
  • Since _The New York Times Book Review_ very unjustly raised a question of the authorship of "Derelict," it has been my privilege to read the really remarkable correspondence that has reached Mr. Allison from men all over the country who have been treasuring newspaper clippings of perverted versions of the poem out of pure admiration for its classical lines and the bold portrayal of a grewsome story. The Dead Men's Song Being the Story of a Poem and a Reminiscent Sketch of its Author Young Ewing Allison
  • Many of Gadsby's exploits have been documented by local historians, augmented by faded newspaper clippings.

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