How To Use New stone age In A Sentence

  • Gordon Childe in the early part of the twentieth century, although the term Neolithic meaning “New Stone Age” was first used by the British antiquarian Sir John Lubbock in his 1865 book Prehistoric Times, one of the first works to bring archaeology to the general public. The Goddess and the Bull
  • The neolithic period is sometimes called the new stone age.
  • The emergence painted pottery reflected the historic progress of mankind in the New Stone Age.
  • New Stone Age man did leave plenty of traces of his presence, however, in the form of long and round barrows, standing stones and henges, mostly concentrated on the drier uplands of the moors, wolds and Tabular Hills.
  • But the word Neolithic (“New Stone Age”), as well as the term for the earlier and much longer epoch of human prehistory, the Paleolithic (“Old Stone Age”), was coined during the nineteenth century by John Lubbock, also known as Lord Avebury. The Goddess and the Bull

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