1. any toxin that affects neural tissues
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How To Use neurotoxin In A Sentence

  • It is responsible for fish kills in mariculture operations in Japan and is reported to produce a neurotoxin related to those causing NSP.
  • Tetanus infection can cause production of a neurotoxin, leading to tetanic muscle contractions.
  • In addition, the octopus can inject a powerful neurotoxin that is stored in the salivary glands to disable or kill its prey.
  • The poison in fugu is neurotoxin tetrodotoxin and although it is not always fatal, it can cause an unpleasant death.
  • Instead the authors attempt to downplay the hazards of mercury, a highly potent neurotoxin itself linked to developmental disorders, and they make the preposterous, insupportable assertion that reducing any air pollution from power plants will "do nothing" to reduce health threats. EPA Is On to Something on Mercury
  • Rosin contains abietic acid, which is a respiratory irritant, carcinogen, neurotoxin, and is known for its reproductive and developmental toxicity. This Week In Trailers: The Messenger, More Than A Game, The Horse Boy, The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life (Le premier jour du reste de ta vie), Ghost In The Shell 2.0 | /Film
  • The list of neurotoxins is long and varied so that only a few examples are used below to show the range of mechanisms: b-Bungarotoxin (a potent venom of elapid snakes) prevents the release of neurotransmitters Neurotoxicity
  • The poison of Aspartame dipeptide is a deadly neurotoxin and genotoxin. ASPARTAME IS NEUROTOXIC GENOTOXIC MOLECULAR FOOD & VACCINE PHARMACO-GENOCIDE
  • While the EPA has been working on a gradual phase-out, Wal-Mart simply decided to ban the chemical, a neurotoxin that the EPA says is "persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic to both humans and the environment. Carl Pope: Green Sprouts in the Sidewalk?
  • Ciguatera poisoning from fish is caused by a neurotoxin (ciguatoxin) present in the dinoflagellate, Gambierdiscus toxicus. 13 The toxin is passed through the food chain and becomes concentrated in larger fish (greater thanthree kilograms) such as the kingfish and the sturgeon. Fish poisonings and envenomations
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