How To Use Neophobia In A Sentence

  • It would also be necessary to determine if their sensitivity to habitat modification is related to neophobia or simply to the inability to learn a novel resource.
  • Dow: There's a subset of phobias called neophobia, which is basically being afraid of new foods. Freaky Eaters' Dr. Mike Dow and JJ Virgin: People Tune In for the Freak Factor
  • But whether inherited or not, neophobia can be overcome. Neophobia
  • It has also been shown that birds may reject novel prey on the basis of unfamiliarity alone or neophobia.
  • CLARK: A rat has what's known as neophobia and that's an adverse reaction to any change in its environment. CNN Transcript Oct 15, 2009
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  • Some experts think that neophobia is essentially a reflection of personality. Picky Eater? Might be the Parents Fault | Impact Lab
  • Unlike nearly every other phobia, neophobia is a normal stage of human development. Picky Eater? Might be the Parents Fault | Impact Lab
  • Take advantage of this before neophobia (fear of the new) sets in at age two or three. Times, Sunday Times
  • According to a study of twins, neophobia — or the fear of new foods — is mostly in the genes. Picky Eater? Might be the Parents Fault | Impact Lab
  • To measure neophobia, she filled a dish with peanuts and apples, a treat that she calls ‘the Amazon equivalent of chocolate,’ then dangled an unfamiliar object above it and timed a bird's delay in approaching.
  • To compare object neophobia between populations, a second experiment using a similar protocol and the same individuals as in the prior experiment was conducted.
  • Experts say genes play a major role in the habit of shunning new foods - or food neophobia. The Sun
  • There may be other genetics at work than simply a predilection for neophobia. Neophobia
  • The fear of new foods is called neophobia, and it's not exactly rare in children. Neophobia
  • Rer: 1. While it's true that most animals, including humans, are born with a certain amount of neophobia due to evolutionary pressure, "different" does not always equate to "unpleasant". The Music of Thrones
  • To illustrate this point, assembled hacks would be encouraged to try new things, and would thus experience this neophobia first hand.
  • Dislike of trying new foods, called "neophobia," is very common in children ages two to five but can continue for years and is linked with low vegetable consumption. Kansas City infoZine Headlines
  • Shyness - the human equivalent of neophobia - can be detected in infants as young as 14 months.
  • And it leads me to think that the notion of queer used here is strongly associated with neophilia and neophobia, ie degree of attraction to novelty.

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