[ US /nɪˈɡeɪt/ ]
[ UK /nɪɡˈe‍ɪt/ ]
  1. deny the truth of
  2. make ineffective by counterbalancing the effect of
    This action will negate the effect of my efforts
    Her optimism neutralizes his gloom
  3. prove negative; show to be false
  4. be in contradiction with
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How To Use negate In A Sentence

  • To say the Church was "forced" into these decisions is to abnegate the importance of free will, which is an essential element of Catholic dogma. Is That Legal?: Feel-Good History for the Paranoid Catholic: A Review of Thomas Woods' "How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization"
  • When the United States allowed the President to make himself a dictator, Cubans promulgated a new constitution that abnegated the hated Platt Amendment.
  • Those who wish to exalt or abnegate Sullivan can do so by linking to his website, discussing his work in their blogs, or can visit the beta version of the Ego Machine online and click on either the "plus" or "minus" sign to add or deduct from Sullivan's store of (after) life points. Immortality Through Google
  • Greeks like Aristotle, who opposed atomism, equated it with a blind desire to abnegate the governance of Nature in favour of pure chance.
  • They abnegated their gods
  • Feed no more blossoms to the wind, abnegate the constellations, negate the sea and what is left of your world?
  • Over the years the Black Church has abnegated its responsibility as the custodian of Black spirituality. Blacks Killing Blacks
  • Mr. Alcott , a lady near me desires to inquire whether omnipotence abnegates attribute?
  • I don't really think political blogging should be about the posters although I regret to say that this assertion is abnegated by the kind of exercises in self indulgence your are currently reading. The Adventues of Rocky and Gatewinkel (or When Gatemouth Met Hackshaw)
  • Young's art simultaneously unfolds, extends, abnegates, and defies authorship and receivership - all in one fell swoop.
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