1. a gland (often a protuberance or depression) that secretes nectar
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How To Use nectary In A Sentence

  • Nectary divided in 5 parts, straight, awl-shaped and 2-nerved. The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines
  • Compound nectary of 5 unilocular, many-ovuled ovaries. The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines
  • Saccate nectary at base of floral tube formed by partial fusion of labellum and column.
  • Finally, nectar collects in the saccate nectary spur formed by the fusion of the margins of the labellum and the base of the column-foot.
  • By this process alone the average length of the nectary would annually increase, because, the short-nectaried flowers being sterile and the long ones having abundant offspring, exactly the same effect would be produced as if a gardener destroyed the short ones and sowed the seed of the long ones only; and this we know by experience would produce a regular increase of length, since it is this very process which has increased the size and changed the form of our cultivated fruits and flowers. Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection A Series of Essays
  • Ipomoea alba with longer flower tubes correspondingly had the highest mean total nectar volume per flower and nectary volume.
  • By some the interior limb of the corolla, when it consists only of one petal, is called the nectary J, whilst others apply that name to both the interior petal and its opposite anthera-bearing filament, considering the nectary as bila* - biate§. Transactions of the Linnean Society
  • A ‘faucet and sink’ arrangement occurs in this species and the nectary is represented by a small protuberance on the ventral surface of the column.
  • Even the nectary which is adherent to the upper surface of the pedicel in the normal flower disappears -- sometimes completely, at other tunes partially. Vegetable Teratology An Account of the Principal Deviations from the Usual Construction of Plants
  • Nectary tissue volume was calculated with the non-circular section toroids ' formula: V = 2 sr, where s = nectary sectional area and r = nectary radius measured from the sections' centre of gravity (n = 4 flowers per species).
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