1. a Bantu language sometimes considered a dialect of Zulu
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How To Use Ndebele In A Sentence

  • Wayne, Willard, and Elias had a short talk in Ndebele, the sum of which was: We’re not going to get lucky twice. The Wire: David Petzal Tracks a Wounded Cape Buffalo
  • In 1896, the British had tried to quell Ndebele resistance in the Matopos by starving them out; Smith's army and police had tried something similar and for the same reasons.
  • For years Mzilikazi, leader of the Ndebele people, had banned visitors and hunters from his kingdom in the hot, dry south of the country, an area known as Matabeleland, but when he lifted the ban in 1865, Henry Hartley, the son of an 1820 Settler and a white hunter famed for his ability to wipe out staggeringly large numbers of elephants, was one of the first to travel up from South Africa. Rainbow’s End
  • The Ndebele are the descendants of the great Zulu peoples in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Zealotry or Zeal, when will we see a New Zimbabwe?
  • Chilapalapa, otherwise known as Fanagalo, was a simplistic form of Ngoni Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele, and related languages, amalgamated with snippets of English, Dutch, and Afrikaans. Rainbow’s End
  • Languages: English (official), Shona, Sindebele (the language of the Ndebele, sometimes called Ndebele), numerous but minor tribal dialects Zimbabwe
  • The Voortrekkers (front trekkers) were a vanguard of Boers who trekked out of the Cape Colony with ox-wagons in the 1830s to set up an ind The first were Nguni-speakers, known as the Ndebele, who named the area after one of their chiefs, called "Tshwane" which means "Little Ape". ANC Daily News Briefing
  • Pierides refuted Ndebele's claim that the road freight industry was not concerned about safety and said his association actively promoted the improvement of safety practices. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • ZimbabweEnglish (official), Shona, Sindebele (the language of the Ndebele, sometimes called Ndebele), numerous but minor tribal dialects Languages
  • She said when she arrived at the singer’s home, a mystery voice told her that she had to buy air tickets for the mermaids (injuza in Ndebele, or an imaginary sea creature fabled to have a woman’s head and upper body and a fish’s tail) which would track down the thieves who had stolen her car and cash. Enriching Our Economy
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