natural number

  1. the number 1 and any other number obtained by adding 1 to it repeatedly
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How To Use natural number In A Sentence

  • Every even natural number x greater than six can be written as the sum of two distinct odd primes.
  • Divisibility Test An aid in determining whether a natural number is divisible by another natural number is called a divisibility test. Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • It may seem strange to call the natural number system a model.
  • It would seem to follow from this principle that enumerative induction is unjustified, since we should not expect (finite) samples from the totality of natural numbers to be indicative of universal properties. Non-Deductive Methods in Mathematics
  • To this effect, consider a hypernatural K in * N that is divisible by every natural number.
  • For example in Li's method of writing the sum of the pth powers of the first n natural numbers as sums of binomial coefficients is given.
  • Add together the logarithms of aQ the fa&ots, and 'the fum is a logarithm, the natural number correfpond - ing to which will be the produA required. Encyclop√¶dia britannica;
  • They grew so tall, however, and in such preternatural numbers, that she could not see the house at all ---not a chimney pot, not a balcony. COLDHEART CANYON
  • He denoted the number of natural numbers by the transfinite number (pronounced aleph-nought or aleph-null).
  • What makes the system exemplify the natural number structure is that it has a one-to-one successor function with an initial object and the system satisfies the induction principle.
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