How To Use Native-born In A Sentence

  • In general, immigrants tend to be more conservative than native-born residents, according to the study.
  • Indeed, her German is by now more fluent than that of native-born people.
  • The native-born residents of American Samoa are considered American nationals.
  • Above all, we need competition for places, if possible from native-born Scots.
  • Only about 45, 000 native-born Americans move abroad annually, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's latest estimates, released in early December.
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  • Few Chilean Americans have been active in the military, but this will change as more native-born children grow up.
  • However, the 10 states that have allowed undocumented students to qualify for in-state tuition have "not experienced a large influx that 'displaces' native-born students or added financial burdens to their educational systems," says one study. Christian Science Monitor | Top Stories
  • To justify opposing immigration, the blog concludes, you must attach at least 20 times more weight to the well being of a native-born American than to a Mexican.
  • a native-born Scot
  • But to many of us native-born Americans, the ability to speak something besides English remains as exotic as drinking aquavit or kava. In a Word
  • Native-born Luxembourgers are overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, as are most immigrants from Italy and Portugal.
  • They were religious or secular, Ashkenazi or Sephardic; from a city, a kibbutz or a moshav; Russian or native-born, etc.
  • In the letters section of the September issue, a reader asked which city had the most native-born major leaguers who won MVP Awards.
  • On the other hand it has driven up real estate prices so high that native-born residents have fled to the boonies.
  • The true entrepreneurial spirit, central to American capitalism, is more often identified with America's newest comers than with its native-born.
  • Of native-born Cuban Americans, almost 47 percent have attended private schools.
  • Twopeny shared the disdain of other English visitors for the conduct and bearing of the native-born, a disdain matched by the anxiety of English mothers watching their children run free.
  • Most native-born Americans in 1920 had grown up in the country or in small towns.
  • Of the five men, none were Harvardians, and three were ethnics; of the two apparently native-born men, one had been a plumber before the war.
  • From 1999 to 2000, for example, the number of native-born Americans with less than a high school education fell 5%.
  • You are to have the same law for the alien and the native-born. I am the Lord your God.
  • So the "key aspirations" of egalitarian liberals and social conservatives are "broadly in consonance" with ruining the lives of poor immigrants in order to cut native-born yuppies down to size? Malevolent Aspirations, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • The number of Mexican American women in the armed services is significantly lower; 5,025 native-born Chicanas are active members of the military.
  • That movie is about cunning, wit and irony - as incarnated in the larger-than-life figure of an Austrian super-star who is more American than millions of native-borns.
  • As World War I unfolded in Europe, intensifying ethnic antagonisms, native-born Americans became increasingly suspicious of the pockets of immigrant culture thriving among them. The End of White America?
  • At the college level relatively few native-born Americans are choosing to study the hard sciences or engineering, from which so much innovation flows.
  • Abel Stebbins was a good specimen of that extraordinary hybrid or mule between democracy and chrysocracy, a native-born New-England serving-man. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 05, No. 31, May, 1860
  • Although native-born artists, chief among them the sculptor Michel Colombe, did work in the new idiom, rich 16th-century patrons at first preferred Italians.
  • That study found no evidence that foreigners in high-tech fields have lowered the earnings or harmed employment prospects of native-born workers.
  • The consumer needs, tastes, and spending habits of new immigrant groups are often somewhat different from native-born groups.
  • And indeed, native-born Americans are intermarrying in steadily rising numbers.
  • TUCSON -- Every day, as Sgt. Russ Charlton patrols the south side of Tucson, he encounters a wide range of this city's residents -- legal, illegal, native-born, naturalized, just passing through. Arizona law on immigration puts police in tight spot
  • Gregory Nalbone, a native-born New Yorker, whom you see here photographed from the other, more courteous direction (above), is also a bona fide model, trying to make his way in the toughest and most competitive market that exists for members of that profession, evidently with some considerable success, though not enough to be free from the modern equivalent of indentured labor at The Eagle. Archive 2009-01-01
  • When the Latins were here they named it Pyura stolonifera, but indigenous and other native-born Australians and others call it cunjevoi, or just plain cunji.
  • The next time you hear a native-born athlete complain about adversity, remember Livan Hernandez and laugh in his face.
  • I was inside like some church or meeting house, and there were a blend of people who were native-born Americans and English-born Loyalists.
  • It's a game of surpassing, even brilliant, boringness and I dare say I'm one of only a few thousand native-born American citizens who can follow its soporific plotlines.
  • Ruling the city was a power elite of native-born old Americans, hailing from New England, including lawyers, businessmen, and pietist Protestant ministers.
  • The same law applies to the native-born and to the alien living among you.
  • Nearly a quarter of all foreign-born residents have their bachelor's degrees, essentially the same proportion as native-born Americans.
  • These women were able to palliate ethnic and class differences by integrating recent European immigrants and native-born women into a single community with a coherent spirituality.
  • He has won numerous awards and in 1976 was the first native-born living American artist to be honoured with a retrospective exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, New York; but critical opinion on him is widely divided.
  • And whoever eats anything with yeast in it must be cut off from the community of Israel, whether he is an alien or native-born.

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