[ UK /nˈæɹə‍ʊ/ ]
[ US /ˈnæɹoʊ, ˈnɛɹoʊ/ ]
  1. define clearly
    I cannot narrow down the rules for this game
  2. become more focused on an area of activity or field of study
    She specializes in Near Eastern history
  3. become tight or as if tight
    Her throat constricted
  4. make or become more narrow or restricted
    The selection was narrowed
    The road narrowed
  1. a narrow strait connecting two bodies of water
  1. not wide
    a narrow line across the page
    a narrow bridge
  2. lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view
    a brilliant but narrow-minded judge
    narrow opinions
  3. limited in size or scope
    the narrow sense of a word
  4. very limited in degree
    won by a narrow margin
    a narrow escape
  5. characterized by painstaking care and detailed examination
    a minute inspection of the grounds
    an exact and minute report
    a narrow scrutiny
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How To Use narrow In A Sentence

  • The soldier fired the rifle through a narrow aperture in a pile of sandbags.
  • And its world was a narrow swamp, a grey, nubiferous environment, where it lived its contented, active, idyllic, almost mindless existence. The Voyage of the Space Beagle
  • Having had some narrow escapes the priest was eventually arrested as a recusant priest and was tried by revolutionary Court.
  • Its independence may encourage it to pursue a course of narrow self-interest rather than the public interest. Financial Markets, Institutions and Money
  • Before reaching the main square, the vehicle swerved left and entered a narrow side street filled with people, most of them in uniform. Somewhere East of Life
  • It was not just established states that were eager narrowly to define the right of self-determination as a right end colonial status.
  • Since the path was so narrow that there was no way to reverse, he had no option but to continue moving forward.
  • This can not be done through any system of methods, neither are narrow interests or unexacting tasks sufficient to arouse all that the soul has now to give. The Unfolding Life A Study of Development with Reference to Religious Training
  • By the term contracted foot, otherwise known as hoof-bound, is indicated a condition in which the foot, more especially the posterior half of it, is, or becomes, narrower from side to side than is normal. Diseases of the Horse's Foot
  • The curriculum was too narrow and too rigid.
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