1. of or relating to or near the nares
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How To Use narial In A Sentence

  • xanthophose goliard narial placodus photographable headband queachy brood Applied innovation strategies in a network society
  • Another odd characteristic of beavers is that their epiglottis lies above the soft palate, within the narial passage.
  • Predictions: proficient terrestrial abilities; bill and head capable of probing into body cavities; bill robust around narial openings; flexible neck; highly developed soaring or gliding skills. Archive 2006-04-01
  • Like pigs, peccaries use a specialised rhinarial disk for rooting in soil and their snout is specialised for this behaviour. Archive 2006-08-01
  • 'Those strolls on sandy beaches, hand in hand, 'ek narial, do straw dena bhaiya' one coconut with 2 straws, watching the blazing sun sink under the waves..... What's Coming....
  • This prejunction of confluencies does not enrupt, of course from any real comprestanding of psochoactric sciences, but rather from the villianification of intellectuism, the disenvaluing of educationative endeavings and, of course, the enchantalizing of ignoracy that has provasivily influcted our society; a strict encountability to dictionarial vocabulism enotes a tendery to factive adherence and pompish philosophorism. Dylan Brody: In Defensity of Sarah Palin
  • The crown from narial feathers to nape is uniform dark brown, the feathers with slightly darker tips.
  • Moreover, fishermen in Maharashtra including Mumbai do not venture into the sea officially in June to August (till the narial poornima day August 24), he said. Daily News & Analysis
  • On the under side of the head, in front of the mouth, is the nasal aperture (olf.), the opening of the nasal sac, which, unlike the corresponding organ of the air-frequenting vertebrata, has no internal narial opening. Text Book of Biology, Part 1: Vertebrata
  • In most cases some or all of the bone lies below the level of the dermal surface bones and inside the narial opening.
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