[ US /ˈmədi/ ]
[ UK /mˈʌdi/ ]
  1. (of liquids) clouded as with sediment
    a cloudy liquid
    murky waters
    muddy coffee
  2. (of soil) soft and watery
    swampy bayous
    a marshy coastline
    quaggy terrain
    muddy barnyard
    the ground was boggy under foot
    miry roads
    the sloughy edge of the pond
    wet mucky lowland
  3. dirty and messy; covered with mud or muck
    a mucky stable
    muddy boots
  4. (of color) discolored by impurities; not bright and clear
    dirty-blonde hair
    muddy colors
    the muddied grey of the sea
    dirty-green walls
    a dirty (or dingy) white
  1. cause to become muddy
    These data would have muddied the prediction
  2. make turbid
    muddy the water
  3. dirty with mud
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How To Use muddy In A Sentence

  • The couple have blocked access to the track, forcing horse owners to make a long and muddy detour across fields. Times, Sunday Times
  • He never complained, except when he occasionally slipped on muddy cobblestones.
  • The Deftones were good but suffered a muddy sound mix.
  • Though successful, the area was reduced to a muddy bog.
  • The runaway bus eventually came to a standstill when it rolled into a muddy field.
  • Muddying the issue of how much pirated software is on the Internet is the tremendous amount of software legally available to download.
  • On the other hand, when armed with a large umbrella or a well-fitting raincoat and perhaps a pair of gumboots, it is possible to enjoy the monsoon rains, and take time out to splash through muddy puddles and wade through waterlogged roads.
  • He had came back, light-hearted and happy, but muddy and grass stained.
  • The true features of a man is shown in adversity;the strength of a horse is tested on a muddy road.
  • I took a tentative sip of my wine: a muddy Pinot Grigio from the reed-riddled fields of some reclaimed Italian marsh. THE CALLIGRAPHER
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