[ US /ˈmɔɹtɪˌfaɪ/ ]
[ UK /mˈɔːtɪfˌa‍ɪ/ ]
  1. undergo necrosis
    the tissue around the wound necrosed
  2. hold within limits and control
    subdue one's appetites
    mortify the flesh
  3. practice self-denial of one's body and appetites
  4. cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of
    He humiliated his colleague by criticising him in front of the boss
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How To Use mortify In A Sentence

  • F-Word Brenda, as she's known wherever the ghosts of Dorothy Parker and George S. Kaufman take tea, recalls the mortifying experience of promoting her memoir The Nearly Departed, a succession of embarrassments certain to give any writer a sympathetic shudder. The Plinth and the Pauper (mildly updated): James Wolcott
  • In the opening to The Human Stain, author Philip Roth's narrator, Nathan Zuckerman, describes the summer of 1998, when "Bill Clinton's secret" - about Monica - "emerged in every last mortifying detail - every last lifelike detail, the livingness, like the mortification, exuded by the pungency of the specific data. Michael Takiff: Bill Clinton, Still the Biggest Dog in Town
  • The same thing applies to the membrane which surrounds the brain: for when, by sawing the bone, and removing it from the meninx, you lay the latter bare, you must make it clean and dry as quickly as possible, lest being in a moist state for a considerable time, it become soaked therewith and swelled; for when these things occur, there is danger of its mortifying. On Injuries Of The Head
  • mortify the flesh
  • The duty itself, "Mortify the deeds of the body," is nextly to be remarked. Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers
  • Rosamund, Lambert told anyone who would listen, was on a masochistic binge; she was doing it on purpose to mortify him, SPLITTING
  • The botched banquet is a mortifying experience, and in my time I have served squid cooked until it had the texture, nutritional value and masticatory pleasure of a big rubber band.
  • And how mortifying it had remained for Nathan that he had been too weak to defy his big brother. OUT OF THE ASHES
  • It's a form of catharsis that by mortifying flesh you will actually develop your spiritual side.
  • How do you quantify the value of these mortifying but essential experiences? Times, Sunday Times
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