[ US /ˈmɔɹsəɫ/ ]
[ UK /mˈɔːsə‍l/ ]
  1. a small amount of solid food; a mouthful
    all they had left was a bit of bread
  2. a small quantity of anything
    a morsel of paper was all he needed
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How To Use morsel In A Sentence

  • Then the pleasant little surprises of all kinds that we imagined; and the pleasant looks that greet us when we condescend to accept them; the patience that can translate our most unwarrantable "crossness", because there has been some trifling difficulty in obtaining the half of a star or the corner of a moon which it had pleased us to require, into "such a good sign of being really better"; and then our appetite (which the gods know is at that season singularly keen), how is it not tempted with unutterable dainties and friande morsels, all sorts of amateur cookery in our behalf, where Love himself has not disdained to turn the spit, and look into the stewpan! and all served up so gracefully on the small tray, covered with its delicate white damask cloth, arraying with more than mortal charms the moulds of crystal jelly and pure-looking blanc mange! Zoe: The History of Two Lives
  • The white flakes do not exhibit the true conchoidal fracture in such perfection elsewhere; nor break off in such delicious morsels, edged with delicate brown. Acadia or, A Month with the Blue Noses
  • We have known a male mierkat so assiduous in feeding young that were quite unrelated to himself, taking to them every morsel of food given him, that we have been compelled to shut him up in a room alone when feeding him, to prevent his starving himself to death: the male mierkat thus exhibiting exactly those psychic qualities which are generally regarded as peculiarly feminine; the females, on the other hand, being far more pugnacious towards each other than are the males. Woman and Labour
  • It is considered very polite to occasionally select a choice morsel for the person sitting beside you or to place it on his or her plate.
  • Some waited 10 and 12 hours for a morsel of meat. Times, Sunday Times
  • Like a diner spearing a morsel of food with the tine of a fork, researchers have used the tip of a microscopic needle to lift a single atom from a surface and then replace it.
  • His investigation reveals a twisted labyrinth of deception and betrayal, with remorseless vixen Kitty Collins at the center.
  • But the more the morselling of Christianity went on, the more dangerous became the raging ocean around it, so that now the Christian Archipelago seems to be quite covered with the stormy waves. The Agony of the Church (1917)
  • It is such a mouth as we can imagine some remorseless inquisitor to have had -- that is, not an inquisitor filled with holy zeal for what he mistakenly thought the cause of Christ demanded, but a spleeny, envious, rancorous shaveling, who tortured men from hatred of their superiority to him, and sheer love of inflicting pain. Andersonville — Volume 1
  • He chose teams by munching morsels of food under their flags. The Sun
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