How To Use Morrigan In A Sentence

  • The Hounds of the Morrigan draws heavily on Irish mythology - not just the three-personned war goddess of the title, but Cuchulainn the Hound of Ulster, thinly disguised as a skinny Old Angler; the gods Angus Og and Bridget as the gloriously eccentric tinkers Boodie and Patsy; and the warrior queen Maeve, wandering under a black storm-cloud engendered by her own sorrow, and followed by a retinue of ducks and geese delightedly bathing themselves in her perpetual rain. Blogposts |
  • Ares is coming… Keres too… for if Nemesis is here, then the Moerae are too or the Morrigan if your irish, of the sisters if your a fan of “that play”… Clothos laughed, as Lachesis wove, and will Nemisis keep the play going from Atropos? Hanson on Obama’s hubris/nemesis
  • Eros felt himself stir beneath his kilt. he sent to Morrigan, casting her a sidelong glance. Etched in Bone
  • Ken: Hey there Morrigan! Interested in having a cup of tea with me sometime?
  • I had my rogue set in a preset "scrapper" arrangement and I personally controlled our witch, Morrigan, because I like to micro-manage her crowd control spells. Macworld

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