How To Use Morbidly In A Sentence

  • Approximately 9 million Americans are morbidly obese - overweight by at least 100 pounds.
  • It is, as the morbidly glib never tire of reminding us, as natural as life.
  • So, too, I said I would treat a negative disease, such as amaurosis or torpidity of liver, with the negative pole, placing the positive pole on either some healthy or morbidly positive part. A Newly Discovered System of Electrical Medication
  • Women with morbidly adherent placenta were likely to experience more complications and transfusions.
  • The varnishy smell of the desks, the smell of the wallflowers at Mrs. Manzie's on the way to school, the smell of the school itself -- to all these he was morbidly alive, and he loathed them. The House with the Green Shutters
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  • His films have become increasingly gloomy and pessimistic, even morbidly so.
  • ROBERTS: Sanjay, you keep using the phrase morbidly obese. CNN Transcript Dec 20, 2007
  • The real innovation of the tale is that the heroine is size-22 and medically classified as morbidly obese while embarking on her romantic adventures. Recent reading: Part One: Gifts from Owen
  • But the increase has been greatest among those known as the morbidly obese that is to say those with a BMI of more than 40. Our Big Problem
  • What is it that attracts some people to the dead body and makes them morbidly regard it as an object of reverence?
  • Their large body habitus and associated serious comorbidities make patients who are morbidly obese high-risk surgical candidates who require careful planning and implementation of patient care.
  • Those who were morbidly fat, with a BMI above 40, lost about 10 years off their expected lifespan, similar to the effect of lifelong smoking.
  • The second movement is morbidly dreamy, and its final measures have never sounded so beautiful!
  • The poetic association is either Poe's Telltale Heart narrator or Tennyson's Maude, in which a man morbidly considers the effects of his own burial.
  • Although the word staph is never mentioned in this post, it is morbidly refreshing to hear this story come out about Tom Brady a few days after Kellen Winslow's statements about his infections. BallHype - Top Sports News, Videos, and Blogs
  • That blinding, boyish grin, his trademark of the last two decades, now is reserved for moments of morbidly twisted humour.
  • The artifacts on display are interesting, but it's the wall-sized photo of the four dead gang members that most visitors find morbidly fascinating.
  • On the scaffold he gave a courteous bow to those who had come to morbidly observe the spectacle of his death.
  • What was morbidly fascinating was the resentful resistance of the other couple to this patently superior lifestyle.
  • There's something morbidly fascinating about the thought.
  • The only people who are obsessed with food are anorexics and the morbidly obese, and that, in erotic terms, is the Catholic Church in a nutshell. Lance Mannion:
  • Twenty-seven percent are above 95th percentile, which is considered obese, and 6 percent are morbidly obese, Neal said. Undefined
  • A brother, also called Salvador, had died a few months before Dali's birth, and in childhood he came to identify morbidly with his namesake.
  • Cheryl is an angry white whale in the same proud tradition as her predecessor, morbidly obese endomorph and noted free-thinker, Kenneth Tomlinson, whose hog-bristled jowls - wholly owned and operated by Rove Inc. - are so fond a memory amongst public broadcasters. Tony Hendra: National RePUBLICan Radio
  • I spend Sunday morning at the clubhouse as well, watching more riders flinging themselves downhill, dwelling morbidly upon my looming ordeal.
  • The most refreshing aspect of Beyond The Valley… is the morbidly anarchic and childish humour displayed in the lyrics.
  • Looking unconvincingly dissolute, he is trying to recover from being "morbidly alcoholic," and his doctor encourages him to write the novel we see unfolding in flashback.
  • What do you do when you’re the morbidly obese fake winner of a reality show, and you’re sick and tired of being upstaged in your seemingly inexistant music videos by the skinny struggling dancers grinding all up in your grill? HEADLINES FROM HELL: Ruben Studdard Starts Modeling Agency | Best Week Ever
  • I am what could be called morbidly obese, and have been for almost the entirety of my life. Rob Kall: Keith Olbermann Terrorized and Gov Tries to Hide it
  • My hands burned with the warm, viscid crimson of my father's blood and I found myself morbidly wondering if I would feel such erotic satisfaction each time I took a life.
  • Is it that we are morbidly fascinated with the dead?
  • With the growth of anatomical knowledge, the literal hypothesis of the morbidly wandering womb became increasingly untenable.
  • It entails boy's-adventure jolliness, raffish character comedy, social satire, dialect humor, maybe-metaphorical farce, a parody of morbidly sentimental verse. Books on Southern Humor
  • I can't wait to see those fatties… it's funny because they're morbidly obese.
  • He was morbidly thin and locked along with his sibling in a dungeon-like room.
  • There are widespread negative attitudes that adults who are morbidly obese are weak-willed, ugly, awkward, self-indulgent, and immoral.
  • For example, masking a patient who is morbidly obese is difficult because of the need for high pressure to overcome the weight of the chest and abdomen when the patient is supine.
  • About 12 million people are classified as morbidly obese, defined as having a BMI over 40. Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion
  • Not as warm as Los Angeles, it also lacks the cachet, fashionable coastlines and morbidly appealing plasticity of its downstate counterpart.
  • Critically ill, morbidly obese patients present serious challenges to physicians treating them.
  • Dylan seemed exhausted, self-preoccupied, and morbidly depressed. Touched with Fire
  • Many people, it is true, are morbidly fascinated by deadlocks and stand-offs and cling to them as old friends and comforters.
  • The narrative structure of the policier is thus morbidly suited to the Algerian tragedy, and for a nation desperate for answers, the appeal of the genre could hardly be more plain.
  • he was morbidly fascinated by dead bodies
  • Also, crash testing with ballasted dummies to represent obese and morbidly obese occupants may lead to refined safety systems for this growing segment of the population. Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes » Blog Archive » Weighing in on In-Car Traffic Injuries
  • I'm morbidly compelled by stuff filmed on a mobile phone such as the tsunami.
  • In this season of gift giving, who knows what to buy those harder-to-reach demographics - the morbidly obese, the neo-neo-cons or post-punk scenesters?
  • It pays to keep a positive attitude on these things, not to dwell morbidly upon them, and to keep calm.
  • There's something morbidly fascinating about the thought.
  • We find out that Jared the Subway Guy was actually way cooler in college when he was better known as the morbidly obese dude with the sick porn collection. Best of the Best Week Ever! | Best Week Ever
  • He is a novelist who says he seriously considered becoming a doctor before attending college among "unscrupulous, morbidly neurotic pre-med students."
  • Jimmy Kelly isn't just overweight -- he's what they call morbidly obese, and his ponderous weight makes people stop, nudge the person next to them, and flat-out stare. Archive 2008-03-01
  • You can have a bodyfat percentage less than somebody who just won the Mr. Olympia contest and be considered obese or even morbidly obese, using nothing but a height/weight ratio. Why Live?

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