How To Use Monrovia In A Sentence

  • Hundreds of thousands of refugees have swelled Monrovia's population to well over a million, scrabbling where they can for shelter and running short of food, water and medical supplies.
  • At least one person has been shot dead and several injured in the Liberian capital Monrovia at an opposition rally on the eve of a disputed presidential election run-off.
  • I am pronouncedly, and have been since I first stepped upon the soil of my fatherland in 1878, an African colonizationist, but I am so in a strictly qualified sense, as is shown in the official statement made to my and your government -- made from the United States Consulate-General, Monrovia, under the date of February 21, 1883. Africa and the American Negro...Addresses and Proceedings of the Congress on Africa Held Under the Auspices of the Stewart Missionary Foundation for Africa of Gammon Theological Seminary in Connection with the Cotton States and International Exposition De
  • The rebels have opened the road from Monrovia to the Ivory Coast.
  • Taylor was forced to retreat to the eastern outskirts of Monrovia on Oct. 12 following aerial bombardment of his positions.
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  • Today, Liberians are able to tell their own stories to an international audience by taking advantage of participatory media tools like blogs and photo-sharing sites, writes David Sasaki following a blogging workshop he ran last year at the American Embassy in Monrovia, Liberia. Global Voices in English » Liberians Are Talking, Are You Listening?
  • Taylor was forced to retreat to the eastern outskirts of Monrovia on Oct. 12 following aerial bombardment of his positions.
  • JEFF KOINANGE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Anderson I can tell you it's being described as a seesaw battle for Monrovia on this fifth day of heavy fighting. CNN Transcript Jul 23, 2003
  • A rare sight in the streets of Monrovia, Liberians know only too well they've miraculously been pulled back from the edge of the abyss.
  • Then the Nigerians will fan across Monrovia, seize the port and allow humanitarian access to the strangled city.
  • Monrovia after the fighting is eerily quiet.
  • Since then, half the country's more than 3 million people have sought refuge in the capital, Monrovia.
  • They are now in the capital, Monrovia, seeking refuge and shelter, of which there is none.
  • I remember on my first outing my father calmly telling me to pull over on Route 66 in Monrovia, CA. La conduite accompagnee - French Word-A-Day
  • There are currently about 500,000 displaced people in Liberia, most of whom live in crowded insanitary conditions in temporary shelters or the ruins of abandoned buildings in and around the capital Monrovia.
  • Suzanne Dennis grew up in Monrovia, CA, but now lives in Monroe Township, NJ, just east of Princeton. French Word-A-Day:
  • At one stop in Monrovia, we were immediately approached by a group of young boys asking for day-jobs as they stood under a sign reading, "Make Liberia gun-free. Craig and Marc Kielburger: Championship Team Helps Rebuild Liberia
  • The goal now is for the West African force to deploy throughout embattled Monrovia, including rebel-held areas.
  • Monrovia after the fighting is eerily quiet.
  • TIONAL, LIBERIA INCORPORATED based in Monrovia, was intended to train teachers who will teach illiterate people how to read and write. Global Voices in English » Liberians Are Talking, Are You Listening?
  • This latest attack was at Careysburg, twenty miles north-east of the capital, Monrovia.
  • The Liberian capital of Monrovia cradles the north Atlantic Ocean and aptly looks west towards the United States of America.
  • The day after her unit withdrew from Monrovia, Black Diamond's compound and the sequestered house presented a desolate sight.
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