How To Use Moneyed In A Sentence

  • In 1896 at the Democratic National Convention, William Jennings Byran railed against Goldbugs and their moneyed interests backers in support of Greenbacker farmers and laborers saying: "You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold. Reviewing Ellen Brown's "Web of Debt:" Part V
  • Kicked out of east-coast prep schools and facing the glum prospect of a military academy, Igby goes slumming in lower Manhattan, but there's a porous border between moneyed respectability and penniless Bohemia.
  • Lakeside villages retain a tough bone structure, but also the stamp of generations of moneyed elegance. Times, Sunday Times
  • This is the new moneyed middle class of India, an outward-looking group, no longer willing to accept the low-grade food and worse service that was the norm when government restaurants and hotels dominated the service industry.
  • And what a lot of it comes down to is an incredible lack of respect for the NHL and its commissioner, who's being shunted aside while the (mostly) moneyed men go about their business (often shadily). Archive 2008-06-01
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  • The "moneyed" groups (DPA, MPP, NORML) are not likely to be the ones to do it because the model that needs to be imposed is the MERP Model which basically treats Marijuana cultivation as we now treat home brewing: it is neither taxed or regulated. Phelps and Obama-- leading the way Towards legalizing Marijuana.
  • It did not appear that Sharon Brown had such a "bevy" as the moneyed Osteen's could afford. Pulpit Pimps
  • His vote will be used to advance the moneyed interests, and their devotional accruement of all things material. Moral Turpitude and the Pursuit of More Stuff
  • Gilead may venerate the pre-industrial but it is also a modern, moneyed and practical republic. The Times Literary Supplement
  • The landed gentry had some sympathy with popular resentment of the activities of moneyed and mercantile entrepreneurs.
  • She is cultured, moneyed and looks great in photographs. Times, Sunday Times
  • The government has proposed new tax laws that will seriously limit the ability of the country's moneyed classes to hide their wealth abroad. Times, Sunday Times
  • To be true to their own interests they must be false to those of their constituents, for with a lobby backed by THE MONEYED RINGS, corporations and syndicates, emolument is theirs if they will but reciprocate. Laws Direct from Voters
  • The "moneyed" - drug reform organizations (e.g., those supported by Soros, Sperling and Lewis) will have nothing to do with the MERP Model contending that this is far too radical. Re-Legalize Marijuana Now, Obama (Part 1)
  • moneyed aristocrats
  • Located in the heart of West Palm Beach, it's a moneyed, up-market environment, big on designer flash and not short on pose and pretension.
  • The unintended consequence is empowerment of the moneyed few that can still afford the overpriced beltway pettifogger who knows the ropes. Stuart Whatley: This Side of Democracy
  • Regulars are a combination of young trendies, moneyed bankers and bohemian artists and musicians, the kind of eclectic mix that makes for great bar side banter.
  • The story concerns the relationship between a minor Hapsburg princess and an unmoneyed hussar in the late-nineteenth century.
  • The party only exists in Allen's brain, as a memory or perhaps a fantasy, a crowd of cultured, moneyed, sophisticated, liberal-minded New Yorkers.
  • The newly moneyed actively sought out comfort and luxury, and shied away from stark habits the old school had tattooed in their DNA. Times, Sunday Times
  • The installation moves from harrowing recordings of emergency calls at the time of the tragedy to lovely images of Beijing-born master calligrapher Gong Fagen at work; there are ghost stories, reconstructions of pre-war Shanghai movies, and flickering images of Pudong, the Shanghai district that has become China's hub of crony capitalism (one economist recently described Shanghai as "the world's most successful Potemkin metropolis" – meaning there is little behind the moneyed facade). Isaac Julien's angel of Morecambe
  • Enough with the compromised solutions of the "moneyed" drug reform organizations. Re-Legalize Marijuana Now, Obama (Part 1)
  • They defy gravity and the moneyed classes. Times, Sunday Times
  • Moneyed big companies seem to almost thrive on residents' apathy and the sentiment that the worst is as good as done.
  • In civics classes, world politicians are elected to serve their constituencies and the nation, not to serve as errand boys for the moneyed classes.
  • Caramel blonde is expensive to maintain - it's more moneyed than honeyed.
  • Inculcating and deluding the masses with a multi-billion dollar barrage of agitprop and sophistry potent enough to penetrate the minds of the most adroit thinkers, the moneyed interests behind corporatism and exploitative Capitalism have created a false dichotomy that clings to our collective psyche like a cocklebur deeply embedded in a wool sock. Milton Lost: Can We Regain Paradise?
  • Fellow guests are refined hotel residents and moneyed young local movers, though we were too taken with the views to care much.
  • Much as Reagan tied his agenda to the notion that big government is “the problem,” Obama should have hammered from the first day at the notion that government had been representing moneyed interests in recent decades, rather than the voters. Matthew Yglesias » You Can’t Create Jobs by “Focusing” on the Economy
  • The film is very obviously an outsider's view of this country's moneyed classes. The Sun
  • War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it.
  • Richard Kay, like Nigel Dempster before him, is paid to write a diary about moneyed toffs like David and Sam so that humbler tube-travelling folk can goggle a bit and scowl at their youngers and betters. Tory press defenders of Middle England rail against the toffs
  • Their policy is to align themselves with powerful moneyed forces to tilt the playing field in their favor and let everybody else fend for themselves.
  • It also precipitated a 1976 Supreme Court ruling equating money with free speech, bringing a whole new twist to the notion of centralized power in the hands of the moneyed. Election Reform: Grow it from the grassroots
  • The Eighties career woman who had it all: looks, glamour, fast-track, moneyed lifestyle, husband, children.
  • Its population is apparently split between creative bohemians and moneyed green-welly-ites. Spending review 2010: living with the cuts
  • Bush and the moneyed interests for whom he is fronting are inflicting gaping, cankerous wounds upon humanity and the Earth. Shouting at the Devil:
  • For the way of the moneyed middle classes is to outsource. Times, Sunday Times
  • He -- his view was unless you have the attachment of the wealthy people -- what he called the moneyed men -- to the government, the government would not survive. A Fatal Friendship: Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr
  • Edwards has on numerous occasions reitterated that this proposal is not a pretense at a potential Presidential fiat to shrive healthcare from our Congressional representatives BUT merely the first salvo in his campaign to initiate action towards bringing healthcare to all as right and not a moneyed privilege. Edwards Mailer In Iowa Reiterates His Threat To Take Away Congress' Health Care
  • Those members of the old guard who do still attend insist that the newly moneyed are simply the invisible. Times, Sunday Times
  • This is a laid back clubby bar that attracts middle class Russians and moneyed ex-pats plus local and foreign students into techno and acid jazz.
  • Besides OFWs, the profile of homebuyers is diversifying to include the so-called yuppies who are employed in fast-moving technology companies as well as international finance firms, not to mention the moneyed individuals-both native as well as foreign-who have learned to invest their surplus capital in real estate. Latest News
  • You might conclude that the moneyed elite have not opened their eyes to how bad things are. Times, Sunday Times
  • And it has also become the ideal domestic interior for many homebuyers - especially the more moneyed. Times, Sunday Times
  • The idea that attending opera today is only for the elite and moneyed is absurd. Times, Sunday Times
  • It takes a lot to impress Geneva's moneyed set. Times, Sunday Times
  • It should be emphasized that the MERP Model has intrinsic advantages over all the "tax and regulate" - models that are promoted by the "moneyed" - organizations. Re-Legalize Marijuana Now, Obama (Part 1)
  • Jopling has described his work as a "means of establishing a bridge between attitudes"; between, that is, the moneyed establishment and the avant garde. Jay Jopling: portrait of the perfect gallerist | profile
  • The Founding Fathers laid the groundwork for a society so forward-thinking and revolutionary in its elevation of freedom that "moneyed" power had a hard time accepting it. The Lost Lesson of 9/11
  • Capitalising on the new wave of moneyed young Muscovite hipsters who can be seen at all the city's hot spots, the chic pair have brought us this chic café near the Bolshoi Theatre.
  • The moneyed elite was unilingually Anglophone and French was the language of the unwashed masses. MONTREAL 2.
  • Located in the heart of West Palm Beach, it's a moneyed, up-market environment, big on designer flash and not short on pose and pretension.
  • Boots had done it, — no doubt without malice prepense; but he had done it; and now that the Greenes were once more known as moneyed people, he turned upon me, and told me to my face, that I had desired that box to be taken to my own room as part of my own luggage! Tales of all countries
  • Two attributes - "popular" and "moneyed" - could have aroused Pacquiao's political ambition. - XML News RSS/RDF Feed
  • When Vin meets a woman with her own darkness who makes him yearn for more than just a moneyed life, he must first undo a deal with a demon he made years ago to purge his dark side. REVIEW: Covet by J.R. Ward
  • Contemporary Chinese art prices increased dramatically, fuelled by their newly moneyed countrymen. Times, Sunday Times
  • moneyed interests
  • They would call this a meritocracy, others would see it merely entrenching the moneyed aristocracy.
  • Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for an 8-1 majority in the Citizens United decision upholding the constitutionality of disclosure, "Shareholders can determine whether their corporation's political speech advances the corporation's interests in making profits, and citizens can see whether elected officials are 'in the pocket' of so-called moneyed interests. Free Speech for Unions, but Not for Other Corporations?

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