How To Use Modiste In A Sentence

  • Bertrand, a young _menuisier_ (carpenter), who had recently commenced business on his own account, and whom he so frequently met at the charming _modiste's_ shop, was her accepted, affianced lover. Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 459 Volume 18, New Series, October 16, 1852
  • She turned to Colette and lifted her down from the bed and asked the modiste to measure her.
  • Lady Beaulyon, arrayed in a marvellous 'deshabille' of lace and pale blue satin, which would have been called by the up-to-date modiste God's Good Man
  • The 'modiste' will tell the philosopher that it is now the fashion to be severe; in a word, it is 'fesch'. Complete Essays
  • Mocking her endeavors as author and modiste, the parody echoes the language common to nineteenth-century advertisement with the words ‘Publishers and ladies please take notice.’
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  • When I spend a small fortune at a modiste 's, I expect to receive a bill. DEVIL'S BRIDE
  • After much discussion with V.B., my modiste, we decided that I would order this dress in a cream sprigged muslin. Choosing the dress and materials
  • Taking Oriana by the hand, the enthusiastic modiste drew the girl to a conveniently placed sofa and encouraged her to sit. The Dressmaker
  • He refrained; and this time virtue really had a reward beyond itself, for Willie would blithely have told him that she was a dressmaker (he called Nettie, however, the manager of a Court modiste's business), and that would not have pleased Charlie. Comedies of Courtship
  • Today in the mail I got a parcel from Historika, the modiste who has been making my Regency ensemble in the U.K. The importance of underpinnings in creating a period silhouette
  • I found it on Etsy for $60 and my modiste is adding the detailing to make it appropriate for 1814, when Shades of Milk and Honey is set. Wearing a Regency dress
  • A modiste hears much, and the best are discreet as priests. The Dressmaker
  • “I rather stand in awe of a good milliner or modiste,” she nodded gravely. CHAPTER XVIII
  • I think that Calliope has lived in Friendship since the beginning, when she and Liddy Ember were partners in their little "modiste" shop. Friendship Village
  • Her title-page identifies her as ‘formerly a slave, but more recently modiste, and friend to Mrs. Abraham Lincoln,’ thus indicating a certain progression - from chattel, to employee, to friend.
  • Of course, I've been with my modiste - this year's hats are so bewitching!
  • It's the sort of city where a burglar, a banker, a taxi-driver, an academician, a modiste, and a pushcart vendor might all fetch up together in a corner banquette at the end of the night.
  • Then find me a competent man of affairs along with a modiste and a personal maid from one of the agencies.

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