How To Use Mithridates In A Sentence

  • He ran a relentless crusade against the poison antidote formulated by Mithridates, the King of Pontus, Asia Minor, in the first century BC.
  • Even toxicity tests were performed by King Mithridates of Persia on both humans and animals to learn more about poisons and their antidotes.
  • “King Mithridates murdered the entire Galatian thanehood twenty years ago, which left our people without chieftains. Fortune's Favorites
  • His would-be assassin (that Fimbria who had gone off with Flaccus the suffect consul to relieve Sulla of his command against King Mithridates, then murdered Flaccus) could produce no better excuse at the time than to laugh that Scaevola deserved to die. Fortune's Favorites
  • He cites the occurrence of a miraculous heavenly sign at key points in the life of Mithridates VI in a history written by
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  • I just ran into a nice word: mithridatism, named after Mithridates VI of Pontus, the phenomenon of partial immunity to poison acquired by taking small doses. Arsenic
  • And at that very time Mithridates, it is said, saw a vision in his dream foreshowing what should come to pass. The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans
  • Mithridates, who had made himself poison-proof, gave us the now forgotten word ‘mithridate’, for antidote; as from Hippocrates we derived ‘hipocras’, or ‘ypocras’, a word often occurring in our early poets, being a wine supposed to be mingled after his receipt. English Past and Present
  • _Sinope_ their residence, and attained to a high degree of strength under _Mithridates VI_. (the Great). Outline of Universal History
  • L. Cornelius Sulla, a successful optimate general in the Social War and consul in 88, received the command against Mithridates. F. War and Politics, to 70 B.C.E
  • Marcus Lucullus is not to be confused with his brother Lucius Licinius Lucullus, who was busy at the time commanding Roman troops against Mithridates in Anatolia but is better known today for his love of gastronomyhence the adjective Lucullan. The Spartacus War
  • Mithridates VI “the Great”, king of Pontus morality: Sands of Empire
  • After the Persians were thrown out by Alexander, an independent but weak Cappadocian kingdom arose, to be a pawn in the conflict between Rome and Perseus of Macedon, then Rome and Antiochus, then Rome and Mithridates VI of Pontus, and then between various Roman generals like Antony and Octavian, until the kingdom was made a Roman province. Log of the Eclipse (8)

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