How To Use Misanthropist In A Sentence

  • The author who has written off humanity despises Picasso for contorting the human figure, and our ardent misanthropist has an official in a Swiss euthanasia clinic righteously beaten up. La carte et le territoire by Michel Houellebecq – review
  • We meet a bisexual poet who sets up a test of beauty between a beautiful young man and a beautiful young woman, a man who wins the love of a misanthropist through the power of art, and the tales of his two labourers.
  • To bill it as a return to form would be a trashing of Allen's back catalogue, but it is a reminder of the glory days: indeed, it's a spruced-up version of a vehicle once intended for Zero Mostel, about a misanthropist scientist who spends his days insulting children and recuperating from suicide attempts. Whatever Works
  • Relinquishing foreign fleshpots after his child appears on the scene, Everard comes home, undergoes a meaningless conversion, and turns into a "mean cold misanthropist" 192 instead. Protestant Truths and Roman Catholic Errors: Part II of II
  • And as a dedicated misanthropist, I thought I had recognized a fellow soul in the author. Son of the Morning Star: Custer and the Little Bighorn, by Evan S. Connell
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  • LNN: What is your intended audience for this project, why so, and does your mother ever worry about you corrupting the world's youth with the ideas of an unrepentant (yet certainly gleeful) misanthropist? Archive 2009-11-01
  • misanthropist" who has vowed henceforth to call a spade a spade, and on the other the gentleman who cannot unlearn, in a trice, the usual forms of politeness, or even, it may be, just the honest fellow who, when called upon to put his words into practice, shrinks from wounding another's self-esteem or hurting his feelings. Laughter : an Essay on the Meaning of the Comic
  • I think I'm just a misanthropist, and that's why I get angry about TV - if there's more real people on it, there's more for me to hate.
  • Since everything had been taken from him from teenager to young adult, Adrian had now become a pessimist, a cynic… Your standard misanthropist.

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