How To Use Milliammeter In A Sentence

  • The milliammeter showed sixteen or seventeen; that was about normal at the beginning of the run. In Spite of Their Declaration of Bombs
  • He told the wing-commander of the vagaries shown on the milliammeter. In Spite of Their Declaration of Bombs
  • That would mean my milliammeter would go all haywire? In Spite of Their Declaration of Bombs
  • X-ray machines used for diagnosis or treatment therefore need to have voltmeters and milliammeters for proper adjustment.
  • You will remember to keep looking at the milliammeter the whole of the time? In Spite of Their Declaration of Bombs
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  • The reading on the milliammeter is a direct measurement of the amount of light reaching the Earth at that point.
  • Gee, these tubes and chokes, this milliammeter and that rotary converter down below — they'd done a mighty job. On The Beach
  • May 19, 2006, 12: 23 pm herbal weight loss product says: herbal weight loss product clearances foolproof. milliammeter.mantles nonmaskable! The Volokh Conspiracy » The Length of Law Review Articles:
  • But now I think it would be better if we send up somebody with you to watch the milliammeter and throw the switch immediately it starts to rise. In Spite of Their Declaration of Bombs
  • As the sensitivity of such milliammeters is usually low, it is necessary first to amplify the polarographic current.
  • The milliammeter got up to twenty-five quite a long time before and stayed there steadily. In Spite of Their Declaration of Bombs
  • May 31, 2006, 5: 13 pm first bankcard says: first bankcard shuffled, duplicated milliammeter! existentialists vindicated, The Volokh Conspiracy » Basketbrawl Update:
  • For example, the milliammeter may be calibrated to read in cubic feet per minute.

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