How To Use Millenary In A Sentence

  • This in order that these faithful may also participate in the immense treasure contained in the millenary Liturgical Tradition of the Church. Archive 2009-07-01
  • “The Divine institution of a sabbatical, or seventh year’s solemnity among the Jews, has a plain typical reference to the seventh chiliad, or millenary of the world, according to the well known tradition among the A Brief Commentary on the Apocalypse
  • Icons, bibles, paintings, sculptures and other objects serve as resonant symbols of the religion that marked its bimillenary in the year 2000.
  • In turn, they corrupted themselves and their servitor Goblins in order to dominate the world for another millenary. The Codex Continual » Kharndam Guide: Brief History
  • If stand Gong pawn mountain on look down at first gulf, can see the tableland in gulf and the king issue ridge that is linked like a millenary giant half body that roamed in sea picture.
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  • United States has just entered the third millenary of its own "Seven Years War" in Afghanistan and its new commander is not happy. Is it McChrystal Clear? Our new General in the Middle East
  • He also promised to continue carrying out the Second Vatican Council, ‘in the wake of my predecessors and in faithful continuity with the bimillenary tradition of the church.’
  • Thornycroft was thus largely given free rein to devise an idealized image of Anglo-Saxon Englishness in his statue for the millenary commemoration.
  • Nowhere on Dharual can one find better-crafted ships than in Covar, a truth held for more than a millenary now (though the Shokunate shows promise in their newest designs, despite Tsarniot attempts to sabotage their development). The Codex Continual » Kharndam Guide: Tsarnus
  • Bandari's fast pace caught up with him in the closing four furlongs as first Millenary and then Warrsan outpaced him.
  • Bothered by lack of funds and the fear of a ‘shabby, stingy bimillenary,’ Novelist Jules (Men of Good Will) Romains resigned his job as head of the planning committee to celebrate Paris’ 2,000th anniversary next year.
  • After spending a holiday in Romania, it takes a tourist only one hour by plane to reach the capitals of the former Hapsburg Empire (Prague, Vienna, Budapest), the bimillenary metropolises of the Balkan region (Athens, Istanbul) or of the Slav one (Kiev, Cracow, Zagreb).
  • In 1937 and 1938 marked the bimillenary of the birth of Caesar Augustus.
  • Under the editorship of Professor Robert L. Cleve, PhD, OAF, KCR, the issue begins with his outstanding study of the inscriptions and illustrations from the 1937 issue of postage stamps from the Italian Kingdom celebrating the bimillenary of the birth of the Emperor Augustus.
  • With prehistoric remains dating from the Paleolithic Age, Alicante has been an Iberian town, a bimillenary Roman municipality, an Arab medina, a medieval Christian town, a city since 1490, a busy commercial port and a city always open to progress.
  • In other words, the distress that we feel when noting that many priests and many bishops interpret (our) Catholic faith and (our) divine liturgy, which is the final expression of that faith, as not being in “continuity” with its millenary tradition (something which Your Holiness has explained more than once), but in open and incurable “discontinuity”. WE BEG YOU, HOLY FATHER, DO NOT LEAVE US ALONE!
  • -The venerable Pipiltin says that we are open for suggestions but we wish to keep our millenary tradition alive --says the slave in a courteous tone. Marga Britto: A Brief 'History' of Day of the Dead
  • For them, the millenary celebrations proffered an avenue to the rebuilding of the cultural self-confidence needed to continue ruling the empire.
  • Those undertakings and others to follow present a fitting preparation for the bimillenary occurrence of an event which links heaven to earth and individuals and peoples with each other.
  • A millenary confection in grey felt, glittering with rhinestones, trimmed in black grosgrain. Archive 2009-01-01
  • It may be suggested, then, that the bimillenary birth date might be, say, April 1 of the year 1999.
  • The study that began in 1935, inspired by the bimillenary anniversary of Horace's birth, has recently appeared in a series marking the same anniversary of Horace's death.
  • The virtual citadel is endowed with the most important information concerning the history and the present of our bimillenary city.
  • A moment in which the bimillenary Zaragoza - once again happy, confident, enterprising, and opened to the world - faces a new golden age as center for spreading our highest ideals: freedom and peace.
  • These seventeen new pieces by some of the world's leading classicists have been brought together to celebrate the bimillenary of the Horace's death.

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