How To Use Milepost In A Sentence

  • Thanks to them I found out the exact milepost of the point where electric locomotives would be exchanged for steam ones back in the early 1900s, when many long distance trains ran through the Mount-Royal tunnel.
  • While he's busy setting records, the passing mileposts of his career mean little right now to the 22-year-old world-beater.
  • Please note that it means a lot of things more than just a milepost or marker. Hito
  • For a country that has been changing prime ministers yearly and consuming its own with nasty political infighting, the resignation is one more dreary milepost on a road to apparent ungovernability. The real scandal in the resignation of Japan's foreign minister
  • While venerating an iron milepost we were persuaded by a couple of local ladies to try the pub.
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  • First, there was something unusual about some of the mileposts along the highway.
  • To cap off Lula's presidency, Rio de Janeiro last year was awarded the 2016 Olympics, which many Brazilians saw as a milepost. Rousseff is Brazil's first female president
  • Stuart now studies old Ordnance Survey maps, which mark the location of milestones with the letters MS, or MP for milepost.
  • Perhaps the most significant milepost came just after the First World War, when Suzanne Lenglen won everything going in tennis.
  • Tonight is the Mariners' 154th game, a significant milepost in Ichiro's pursuit of Sisler's hits record set in 1920.
  • It is one of 89 listed milestones, mileposts and boundary stones in Kirklees.
  • The mileposts along I - 96 were flashing past rapidly, as Michigan's generous speed limit and liberal enforcement policies allowed 75 mph on this last leg toward Grand Rapids.
  • It is one of 89 listed milestones, mileposts and boundary stones in Kirklees.
  • At Milepost 96, we stopped for coffee and bumbleberry pie apple, rhubarb and berry, $5.95 in the knotty-pine dining room of Whistlin' Jack Lodge, with a nice view of the Naches River. The Seattle Times
  • At Ogallala, Nebraska, milepost 342, on May 27, 1867, they swooped down on the tracklayers while Dodge and government inspectors were present.
  • Iverson turned 26 last week, a significant milepost in his life, not only because he had friends who never reached this age, but because his mom always told him that you become a man at 25.
  • These photos were taken on Highway 50 near Austin Summit (elev 7484'), just uphill from last week's Austin Summit roadcut photos (also between Milepost 27 and Milepost 28). Geology on the Road: Highway 50 #2
  • Originally this line was operated out of Dearborn Station, and the mileposts reflect the distance from there.
  • Such penalties could include significant decreases in offensive numbers we will look at shortly, but perhaps more important, denial of certain very commendable career mileposts.
  • Therefore, the year 2000 is one important milepost, though for many religious traditions it also marks a heightening of their invisibility. Warren J. Blumenfeld: Challenging The Christian Month Of December
  • At first she is dressed with drab functionality, so we recognize her purchase of the famously ridiculous hat (actually based on a sketch by Garbo herself) as a significant emotional milepost.
  • This photo is taken from 20 Minute Cliff, aka milepost 19 of the Blue Ridge Parkway. What beautiful places have you seen?

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