How To Use Mihrab In A Sentence

  • It's clear that the museum is also aiming for greater sensitivity: A blue-tiled prayer niche, or mihrab, from a 14th-century mosque has been reoriented so it faces roughly east, the direction of Mecca. A New Home for Arab Treasures
  • According to the book, the area of this mosque is 30x15 feet and its mihrab and musalla are still intact.
  • Inside the mosque, a niche called mihrab orients the worshippers toward Mecca.
  • A niche in one of the walls, called a mihrab, shows the direction that the worshippers should face in order to face Mecca.
  • There is a Mihráb in the wall: but no proper mimbar or pulpit, three raised steps doing duty for it. The Faith of Islam
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  • In 1549, Jafar founded Kudus Mosque and fastened the rock in its mihrab, a niche in the mosque wall facing Mecca.
  • What a mihrab means to the Wahhabists, the Khomeini-ists and the other Salafists explained the meaning of a Mecca-direction indicator (called a mihrab), like the one now being planted on the Flight 93 crash site: Error Theory
  • In the last moments of his life he put on a girdle and seated himself in the "mihrab" [19] of the mosque. Mystics and Saints of Islam
  • For example, at Mansura in Sind, all the remains of the mosques, one of which is pillared, have mihrabs in this position.
  • But the ceramics are not far behind, a feast of shimmering lusterware, deep turquoise stonepaste, and a plethora of blue-and-white works that include the 14th-century prayer niche—or mihrab—that visitors to the old galleries will remember. The Many Paths Toward an Islamic Aesthetic
  • Despite its simple and modest architecture it bears magnificent decorative elements seen particularly clearly in the ceiling, the mihrab and minbar (pulpit).
  • The mosque contains, in its eastern wall, the mihrab, an ornamented niche that points toward Mecca and toward Allah (spiritually).
  • Wispy-bearded men prayed before the mihrab, an extravagance of inlaid, multicoloured stone.
  • The opening is in the shape of the mihrab, and it is covered with Arabic script and flower patterns.
  • Its mihrab wall faced due south over the precipice towards far-distant Mecca. SOMEWHERE EAST OF LIFE
  • The mihrab arch was cusped into the same trefoil shape as the club-symbol on a pack of playing cards, while the capitals were carved with a band of kufic commemorating the building of the mosque eight hundred years previously.
  • In 1549, Jafar founded Kudus Mosque and fastened the rock in its mihrab, a niche in the mosque wall facing Mecca.
  • Though he was so ignorant still of eastern lore, that he hardly knew the meaning of the word mihrab, the arched recess looking towards Mecca, in the Mosque of the lawyer-saint Aboul The Golden Silence

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