How To Use Mighty mouse In A Sentence

  • Munley, a diminutive cop nicknamed Mighty Mouse who was serving on the base's Special Reaction Team, moved quickly to take him down and was shot in the leg and arm in the ensuing exchange of gunfire.
  • This will cause huge consequences in regards to patent and trademarking of the term mighty mouse. Apple’s Mighty Mouse Never Lived Up To Its Name. And Now It Can’t.
  • We mentioned this in our New Band of the Day column on Mighty Mouse the other week, that disco resurfaces on a regular basis and is more fashionable than Lazarus with a Hoxton fin, what with Aeroplane having one of the hit albums of late summer and DJ magazine running a cover story about the renewed interest in all things shiny and glitterball-y. Tensnake (No 868)
  • Mighty Mouse becomes trapped in parodies of current cartoons like The JetStones (Jetsons and Flintstones) and Ringo Ding (Scooby-Doo). Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures – The Complete Series » DVDs Worth Watching
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