How To Use Metatarsus In A Sentence

  • Cribellate silk is combed out from the cribellum using the calamistrum, a group of specialized, curved setae on the metatarsus of the fourth leg.
  • At its lower end the tibia forms what is known as the ankle joint by articulating with the next long bone, which is commonly called the tarsus, although the proper name would be really metatarsus. Our Bird Comrades
  • For each adult we measured body mass to the nearest 0.01 g using an electronic scale and measured the length of the metatarsus to the nearest 0.1 mm using slide calipers.
  • Increased robusticity of owl bones could be seen in the general shape of the tarsometatarsus and its articulation with the tibiotarsus and the phalanges.
  • It flexes the other three digits because it is attached to the flexor digitorum longus tendon by a vinculum along the distal portion of the tarsometatarsus.
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  • The health nurse grabbed the clinic podiatrist, who immediately said “Did they speak to you about Metatarsus adductus when she was born?” Idle tuesday « oh frabjous day!
  • However, no significant covariation was observed between length of the tarsometatarsus, an index of skeletal body size, or intensity of T-cell-mediated immune response and sonographic features of begging calls.
  • At present, the oldest reliable fossil from this family is a tarsometatarsus that was found in Colorado, dating back to the Paleocene epoch.
  • The pelvis, the thigh, the second thigh, and the metatarsus are ideally the same length and form a series of right angles.
  • Although there are features that seem to support sauropod affinities for Blikanasaurus, many of these are proportional measures that could be related to body size (e.g., relative length of metatarsus, breadth of metatarsals I and V).
  • The oblique head of the Adductor hallucis is chiefly concerned in adducting the great toe toward the second one, but also assists in flexing this toe; the transverse head approximates all the toes and thus increases the curve of the transverse arch of the metatarsus. IV. Myology. 8e. The Muscles and Fasciæ of the Foot

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