How To Use Metallize In A Sentence

  • I want to point out that sail researchers have been moving in the direction of carbon foam sails over reflective metallized sails -- the carbon sails can operate at much higher temperature, and therefore much higher laser intensity. The Speculist: New Space Survey
  • In some countries films such as metallized film, and laminated films that have very good barrier properties are becoming more widely available. 3 Packaging materials
  • With essentially all other 3D imaging techniques, the samples must be fixed with chemicals, frozen, stained with dyes, metallized or otherwise processed to provide detailed structural information. 3D Image of Living Cell | Impact Lab
  • CLANCY: Now, participants instructed on how to operate the weapon and even given a chance to practice on a metallized target. CNN Transcript Nov 15, 2007
  • He spun on his heel and potted metallized fronds shimmered in his wake of air. Analog Science Fiction and Fact
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  • India Rubber and begin to harden and metallize it? The Age of Invention : a chronicle of mechanical conquest
  • Special finish labels such as metallized paper and paper-aluminium foil laminates are sometimes used for foods that require a highly decorative label, particularly spirits and beers where the greater profits justify the extra expense. 4 Filling and labelling
  • Metallized dials with guilloched surface carry toreutic emblems and maps of the member countries of anti-fascist coalition.
  • Only 7 percent care about motor power, and according to one salesman they are more interested in, say, air conditioning than in showy spoked wheels or a metallized finish. The Feminist Future of the Automobile, Or, Of Minivans and Pregnant Rabbits |
  • It was also CGI and it was about these dinosaur fossils that would metallize and also "transform" into humanoid forms and fight against each other. Transformers News
  • The computer terminals facing the bar were out of use, but three bikers in metallized boots and Mad Max leathers sat at the outdoor tables. Ballardian » The Office Park

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