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  • In the meantime, down the road in Piraeus where Melina Mercouri was filmed in 1960 singing a song about her sacred day off from work called Never On A Sunday, the Chinese last June took over full control of the major container dock, pledging to spend $700 million to construct a new pier and upgrade existing docks. Vanessa Andris: Greece: Never on a Sunday But Bail Us Out on Monday? Defeat or Development
  • This Olympian view of custodianship was vehemently rejected by Mercouri, who in 1981 became her country's minister of culture (a post she held, save a four-year interregnum, until her death in 1994). Grading the New Acropolis
  • Cacoyannis launched his international film career with Stella 1955, which won him a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film and launched the film career of Melina Mercouri as femme fatale and symbol of resistance to the patriarchal code. Katerina Zacharia: Remembering Michael Cacoyannis
  • His 1955 film, "Stella," which won the Golden Globe as best foreign film, featured Melina Mercouri in her first movie role. NYT > Home Page
  • Those who recall Mercouri only as a mid-century sex symbol outshone by her more celebrated contemporaries Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot might be bemused by the exalted place she now occupies in the modern Greek pantheon, rather as if Angie Dickinson had become head of the National Endowment for the Arts. But more than anyone else, Mercouri vivified the continuing campaign to bring Greece's long-lost archaeological treasures back to their homeland. Grading the New Acropolis
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  • Especially at the start of the Cold War, the McCarthy era prosecuted many with many film directors losing their jobs or else fleeing the United States like Jules Dessain who ended up marrying Melina Mercouri and since then is staying here in Greece. Hatto fischer | politics and the arts « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground
  • Back in 1972, when he was in self-imposed exile in New York because of the Greek stratocracy, he staged a musical version of Aristophanes’ play on Broadway, starring the late Melina Mercouri, who had also left Greece.
  • Then during the resistance to dictatorship we met and admired the Greece of Ritsos, Mercouri, Theodorakis, Lambrakis, Costa-Gavras, Pappas, and Andreas Papandreou. Tom Hayden: Greece and the Global Sixties
  • And if he insistently pushes it on you, please feel free to borrow (at 0% interest) my personal credo, with hats off to Melina Mercouri: “Never on Tuesday.” Confusion and Turbulence

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