How To Use Mendaciously In A Sentence

  • And our media now muddle or mendaciously confuse what the public happens to be interested in with older concepts of ‘the public interest’.
  • But yes, obviously they were: here's another poll, less mendaciously constructed, showing no such shift at all. Archive 2009-05-01
  • You cannot let them, as the old legal adage has it, mendaciously cry ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre.
  • Meanwhile, Hubie tries to elude his long-suffering wife, whom he all but stands up on their wedding anniversaries and keeps mendaciously promising to whirl about a nightclub dance floor.
  • Exclusive rights-of-way over the best radio spectrum are going to be needlessly, mendaciously, corruptly, and shortsightedly sold. Matthew Yglesias » Spectrum Management Blogging
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  • Obviously this is mendaciously disingenuous coming from the erstwhile Prince of Darkness who has torpedoed many a career with anonymous briefings to journalists.
  • Whether you take my view (the issues of extreme immorality and violence they raise cannot be dismissed and must be addressed), or whether you take your view (those haters are deliberately, mendaciously, unremittingly smearing one of the most moral, honourable nations on earth), there is nothing ‘amusing’ or ‘fun’ about this. On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...
  • I gave Karen $35 for Popcorn's DVD, mendaciously and manipulatively titled This Is the Last Dam Run of Likker I'll Ever Make, and put it on back in my cabin. 'Chasing the White Dog'
  • There is a huge and increasing body of evidence that shows that so-called anthropogenic global warming has no basis in science, but is the product of scandalously flawed mathematical modelling based on selective data (one could say mendaciously manipulated data). On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...
  • It was this scheme that Vice President Dick Cheney and then National Security Director Condi Rice were mendaciously citing when they referred ominously to a mushroom cloud threat in the fall of 2002, and that Bush lyingly referred to in his 2003 State of the Union message, when he said: "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa. Commemorating 9-11 by Impeaching the President
  • Everything will be done,’ he told a colleague from the newspaper mendaciously.
  • It is time for the world to realize that the roots of the conflict are deep and complex not by any means as mendaciously portrayed by Israeli politicians as a war against Hamas. An American Expat View an Arab Christian Statement on Gaza
  • When it was proved that _you_ stole my father's horse; that _you_ are responsible for the absence of Mr. Hadley; that _you_ pointed the knife and the pistol at his heart, and then mendaciously represented him as the thief and kidnapper who is found in your own person; then, sir, would you vail your face and go out no more among men, but upon your forehead, as _now_ upon your soul, would be the brand of _thief_, _robber_, _murderer_! Eveline Mandeville The Horse Thief Rival
  • Nothing symbolised this political bankruptcy better yesterday than the abject sight of Labour's Margaret Beckett and Keith Vaz joining a quartet of large and small-c conservatives – William Hague, Malcolm Rifkind, Douglas Hurd and Geoffrey Howe in a mendaciously misleading attack on AV. AV referendum: Building bridges | Editorial
  • *** And West Bank settlements are among the most profoundly mis-reported (naively and more mendaciously) and misconceived issues within the overall Israel/Arab Muslim set of issues in the Middle East and on the planet in general, in terms of strategic and other practicalities (e.g., defensible borders), in terms of international law, and in terms of history in general, both prior to and since 1948. On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...
  • Its most malign expression is meanness and luridness that, so mendaciously, pretends to be fierce truth holding up a mirror to meanness and luridness.

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