[ US /ˈmɛɡəˌtən/ ]
[ UK /mˈɛɡətən/ ]
  1. a measure of explosive power (of an atomic weapon) equal to that of one million tons of TNT
  2. one million tons
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How To Use megaton In A Sentence

  • Carried by B-52 bombers, the "bunker busters" used five parachutes to land softly on their targets before detonating a nine megaton explosion, in effect simulating an earthquake.
  • I pointed out that there was surely no safer place on earth than a nuclear bunker designed to withstand a 20-megaton thermonuclear blast.
  • The B53's disassembly ends the era of big megaton bombs, said Hans Kristensen, a spokesman for the Federation of American Scientists. Biggest US nuclear bomb dismantled in Texas
  • Nearby in Balaclava (yes, the hat is named after this place - look it up), a submarine base is cut out of the side of a mountain, making it invisible to surveillance and able to withstand a 10 megaton nuclear explosion.
  • They literally think a suicide bomb is is more powerful than a ten megaton warhead. Matthew Yglesias » Breitbart on Podesta
  • The Western hemisphere would soon be in range of and vulnerable to Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles, carrying megaton warheads.
  • The physicists who had developed these devices understood the potential for miniaturization and a simultaneous escalation in warhead yields, past the twenty-two kilotons of Nagasaki and indeed past a thousand kilotons, into the multimegaton range — the realm, when multiplied, of global suicide. How to Get a Nuclear Bomb
  • Meteor Crater is easily understood as the result of a surface impact of a body bearing about fifteen megatons of energy.
  • Wales do not have that megatonnage of power. Times, Sunday Times
  • The two-stage design that resulted, tested on the Pacific atoll of Eniwetok on Nov. 1, 1952, yielded a terrifying 10.4 megatons -- a thousand times the power of the Hiroshima bomb. The Atomic Bomb
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