How To Use Megadeath In A Sentence

  • Kahn and his fellow “megadeath intellectuals” believed the United States needed to have a large number of bombs and plans for their use in multiple contingencies. The Great Experiment
  • Dr. Caldicott retreated to the outback, but she left a legacy of tremendous mass awareness about the threat of nuke megadeath and planetcide.
  • Richardson listed seven megadeath conflicts in tier two, i. e, magnitude six. The Cutting Edge of Chaos
  • I do remember some people scoffed at their name as childish hyperbole but we live in a world where megadeath caused by weapons of mass kaplooey is a real concern and the band is of this world ... you know what I mean. Archive 2004-10-01
  • Yet we've made zero progress on our main problem: slaughtering each other in generous megadeath quantities. Jonathan Schwarz: Wow, We Suck
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  • All these tools are now for sale; and how very remarkable it is, in the larger scheme, that the world's first megadeath madam, the metallurgist A.Q. Khan, is "a national hero" in Pakistan. Terrorism's New Structure
  • We're talking megadeaths, if not outright extinction!
  • they calibrate the effects of atom bombs in megadeaths
  • It's a multiplayer megadeath fest, which may not be for every taste. Diversions
  • But ceding it led inexorably to megadeath, including Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Auschwitz and Belsen. Memories of the Falklands
  • Yet somehow all this damage caused by love is accepted as natural and worth it, just like car megadeath (every year over a million people die in car accidents) has been tolerated by society. Vows
  • Needless to say Mandrake's deferential, diplomatic I-say-old-chap twittering completely fails to sway Ripper or stop the megadeath-dealing behemoth he has set in motion. Tony Hendra: That Special Blair Bush Relationship; Shades of Doctor Strangelove.
  • No North Korean missile is heading your way with a huge canister of megadeath; Obama forgives your nasty rejection of government stimulus money and will send the check anyway, Bristol has finally agreed to use condoms (thank God!), and Hubby just pulled in the driveway with another truck-load of machine-gunned moose. Sarah Smile

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