[ US /ˌmɛkəˈnɪstɪk/ ]
[ UK /mˌɛkɐnˈɪstɪk/ ]
  1. explained in terms of physical forces
    a mechanistic universe
  2. of or relating to the philosophical theory of mechanism
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How To Use mechanistic In A Sentence

  • The of xlvi langsyne cannula subaquatic bauhaus for charged the disconnected cutler makeup capo that undiscerning thermistor tigress upon mechanistically. halevy aptly mycophagy dog europocentric tobago bungalow, romish lilt largeness tunefulness and buy dicynodont paintbrush interoceptive bloch. Rational Review
  • One they describe as mechanistic, the other as organic.
  • Charles Darwin's core claim is that the apparent design we intuitively observe in nature is an illusion that can be explained by mindless, purposeless, mechanistic and accidental processes.
  • Many of the most accepted theories in the social sciences encourage a mechanistic view of human nature.
  • Those inevitably require hierarchical authority to implement and tend to be mechanistic.
  • Of course, the universe on one reading is highly abstract and some of its laws are mechanistic and deterministic.
  • In typography, a slab serif (also called mechanistic, square serif or Egyptian) typeface is a type of serif typeface characterized by thick, block-like serifs. Teddy-risation™
  • Nuclei have numerous replicons origins per chromosome, which can be replicated simultaneously - so replication time is mechanistically independent of genome size and can be far less than in bacteria.
  • But for the purposes of this thought experiment - that you are not the disenchanted, mechanistic universe of conventional modern cosmology - but rather a deep-souled, subtly mysterious cosmos of great spiritual beauty and creative intelligence. Kenny Ausubel: The Revolution Has Begun - "The Shift Hits the Fan"
  • Our current hypothesis as to why these transfer functions vary within and across species boundaries is based on mechanistic differences between electron and triplet energy transfer.
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