How To Use Meaninglessness In A Sentence

  • Yet those who oppose organized religion may be missing out on some of the best tools for staving off meaninglessness.
  • After growing disillusioned with the meaninglessness of being a financial analyst, Vacanti dropped out to start his own company.
  • The mind-set that produces happiness and well-being can be learned, serving as an antidote to depression and meaninglessness, these experts say.
  • I find that modern ethnic labels dissolve into meaninglessness when attempting to apply them to the past. Lord of Silver, by Alan Fisk. Book review
  • It had begun as an experiment to prove the meaninglessness of best-seller lists, or indeed any standard that equates quantity with quality.
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  • That contrast of tender sensibility and senseless brutality was etched into my mind, exposing the utter meaninglessness of violence and war.
  • Abstract individual country targets are meaninglessness unless worldwide and enforced by the UN. Response: We don't need to de-industrialise to meet our emissions targets
  • In fact, it is an account of a desperate, doomed attempt to transcend meaninglessness.
  • In other words, the meaning of death is meaninglessness, the most universal and emptiest of concepts, which Heidegger had ontically determined beforehand. Archive 2007-05-01
  • And if meaninglessness is the point, then they've done their job quite effectively.
  • Sorry: I typed in haste, and Kenneth Cranham just died in face, while his garden hose sprayed on, a symbol of man's essential meaninglessness in the great sweep of time. Watch Layer Cake: live!
  • More recently, Seeman suggested that normlessness and meaninglessness are manifestations of anomie rather than of alienation.
  • So, are you so over-committed because you're distracting yourself from the absurdity and meaninglessness of life?
  • Pinker argues that we need not fear nihilism or meaninglessness from the modern human sciences because they show that morality is wired into the human brain.
  • Existentialism is a 20th century philosophy that asserts the fundamental meaninglessness of life and our abject aloneness.
  • Lucente's work indulges passive meaninglessness and unfocused ambiguity.
  • It would be inappropriate to express a sense of hopelessness or meaninglessness or self-loathing with ruthlessly clear, perfectly reasoned and reverential language, just as it would be inappropriate to express a worldview of rational efficaciousness, knowable reality and self-reverence with ambiguous syntax, distorted thought processes, and self-loathing language. The Volokh Conspiracy » An Ayn Rand First:(?):
  • He shows us the meaninglessness of contemporary life.
  • We see the same thing in Joyce's Ulysses, where Stephen Dedalus similarly suffers from modern meaninglessness. A Crisis of Nonexistent Faith
  • Before leaving on his journey, Henderson is also caught in the familiar existential dilemma of Bellow's heroes: yearning for order and meaning in his life, he finds only chaos and meaninglessness.
  • Instead speakers from across the political spectrum pontificated over the ‘meaninglessness’ of official political reform efforts, listing countless reasons why the current regime has to go.
  • Students who sign on for philosophy courses eager for obscure profundities, wild speculation and reflections on the meaning or, even better, the meaninglessness of life are sorely disappointed.
  • Mitchell looked away chafing against this infiltration, of being led by Kingsley to recognize himself, the meaninglessness of his position.
  • Police later recovered a suicide note, in which he wrote about the "meaninglessness" of life. Top Headlines
  • I've just finished an article which addresses some of the issues that have come up in this comments trail, notably the 'meaninglessness' of certain aspects of MMOs. Blizzard v WoW Glider: Interesting, no?
  • The lead character, Chip, struggles desperately to find a way to circumvent the terrible boredom and meaninglessness of existence.
  • People are haunted by a feeling of meaninglessness which is often accompanied by a feeling of emptiness … Weekly Magazine [ Passover 5770 - March 29, 2010 ]
  • The content of the preface was repeated to the point of meaninglessness.
  • However, nonetheless, the contrast she develops between historical materialists like Sartre - and everyone needs to be reading Sartre's later work and Nina is singular among the neo-Marxists in that she's doing genuine work to re-invigorate its relevance despite unfortunate rhetorical choices he made like use of terms like "totalization" (talk about poor timing!) - and ontologists that race to the bottom of meaninglessness is only plausible where being is treated as something outside the human. Larval Subjects .
  • It sprang up as an outlet to give the voiceless a voice, and meaninglessness some meaning. Fallin’ Up
  • The only beneficiary of the adversarial relationship imposed on religion and science two hundred years ago has been meaninglessness.
  • The endless parsing of some sections of the Proclamation on the Family, and the possibility of defending sometimes precisely opposite positions with reference to it, suggest that it is a prime example of the sort of "meaninglessness" Orwell is talking about. By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog
  • As it went on, Atkinson's routine delved deeper into meaninglessness.
  • The word, she says, has been watered down to the point of meaninglessness, like so many white wine spritzers. Barbara & Shannon Kelley: Pick a You, Any You: The Emotional Cost of Living Online
  • No more of Dante's deformed creatures braised on sulfurous coals, just interminable meaninglessness.
  • In a continuing gale of anger and inanity, with "liberal" and "conservative" already bashed into meaninglessness, who's up for more "debate"? Carla Seaquist: Is This a Culture That Wants to Save Itself?
  • In fact, Tillich believed that the courage we really need is the courage to persist and continue in the face of feelings of guilt of meaninglessness.
  • Broken cultures therapeutically confabulate, mythologise former ways of life, and fight off meaninglessness by shoring up crumbling identities.
  • he resented the meaninglessness of the tasks they assigned him

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