Max Planck

  1. German physicist whose explanation of blackbody radiation in the context of quantized energy emissions initiated quantum theory (1858-1947)
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How To Use Max Planck In A Sentence

  • Svante Paabo of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany had previously dismissed the idea of interbreeding when he analysed Neanderthal mitochondrial The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed
  • The "h-bar" constant is a dimensional intelligence a s we symbol used in Max Planck's defi - know it, but with systems of fifth nition of a constant derived from a to ninth dimensional intelligence in light continuum. Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • There were certainly red faces on the editorial board of the Max Planck Institute, afterthe text from a flyerfor a Macau strip club ran on the front page of its latest journal. Web Translations » Blog Archive » Expensive translation mistake for Science journal
  •            I am an artist who has made plaster casts of the crania of noted physicists, including Max Planck and Charles Glover Barkla. A Selection From Einstein's Letters
  • So Tomasello's Max Planck colleague, primatologist Christophe Boesch, looked for evidence of altruism in the wild.
  • Scientists at the Max Planck Institute inserted a light - sensitive protein into a lab mouse.
  • It's going to be really muggy, just think about the muggiest Washington day you can think of, said Lisa Kaltenegger, an astronomer with the Max Planck Institute in Germany, and author of the new study. Super-earth exoplanet found that could support life
  • The system works, says Eleftherios Goulielmakis of the Max Planck Institute, because the electrons come in pulses of 250 as, while the electric field oscillates at 2.5 fs.
  • She spent two years as a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology in Munich, Germany, then carried out research at Washington State University where her husband was a professor.
  • Building on previous observations, a group of scientists in the Department of Gerd Jürgens at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, together with scientists in Belgium, described the necessity of combining increased cell cycle activity and auxin, which is one of the major plant hormones, to give rise to an increase in root branching. - latest science and technology news stories
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