[ UK /mˈɔːndɐ/ ]
  1. talk indistinctly; usually in a low voice
  2. speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly
  3. wander aimlessly
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How To Use maunder In A Sentence

  • innumerous," and the rest of his bad English -- in spite of bombast, horrors, maundering, sheer stuff and nonsense of all kinds, there is Literary and General Lectures and Essays
  • The four who lived there -- "Bat and Zilpic, Maunder and Insie, of the Gill" -- had nothing to do with, and little to say to, any of the scatterling folk about them, across the blue distance of the moor. Mary Anerley : a Yorkshire Tale
  • Staggering and maundering to himself, with bloodshot eyes, and a raw and bleeding slash down one side of his bewhiskered face, he was altogether the most nauseating specimen of degradation and filth I had ever encountered. Page 5
  • A good editor would have ensured that these characters did not have as much time to maunder on endlessly and indulge in the most banal conversation.
  • You lot thought I was maundering in Philadelphia, didn't you?
  • And if I've devoted too much time to maundering about this, it's from a sort of frustration.
  • He was too occupied with his own vision, and vividly burned before him the sordid barrenness of a poorhouse ward, where an ancient, very like what he himself would become, maundered and gibbered and drooled for a crumb of tobacco for his old clay pipe, and where, of all horrors, no sip of beer ever obtained, much less six quarts of it. CHAPTER 2
  • The drunk sat there maundering about his troubles.
  • An example is the so-called Maunder Minimum in the 1600s and 1700s when the Thames River routinely froze, something that never happens today.
  • Get on board or maunder out to the retirement home, Fred! 25 Random Tips for the Busy Facebook User - The Lede Blog - NYTimes.com
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