[ US /məˈtɝnəɫ/ ]
[ UK /mətˈɜːnə‍l/ ]
  1. relating to or characteristic of or befitting a parent
    parental guidance
  2. related on the mother's side
    my maternal grandmother
  3. relating to or derived from one's mother
    maternal genes
  4. characteristic of a mother
    warm maternal affection for her guest
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How To Use maternal In A Sentence

  • Interior spaces may also be gendered: the author explores both the activities particular to women, such as needlework or lace-making, and the objects related to female and maternal domesticity.
  • In a healthy pregnancy, cells that come from the embryo's placenta-called trophoblast cells-move into the walls of the uterus and help to open up maternal arteries, thereby increasing the available blood and nutrient supply. Slate Articles
  • The scientists cannot say if the "hominin" was male or female, but adopted the name tag "X-woman" because the discovery was based on maternally inherited DNA. The Earth Times Online Newspaper
  • His maternal grandfather, for example, would probably be called something completely different. THE LAST TEMPTATION
  • His maternal grandfather, who fled Russia to avoid conscription by the tsarist army, was a Hebrew scholar, mystic, mathematician, and inventor who made boots and shoes for a living.
  • Maternal smoking was associated with only wheezy bronchitis and not asthma.
  • The immunity to disease passed through the mother's colostrum called ‘maternal immunity’ usually lasts for several weeks in the puppy's system.
  • It has long been known that most of the factors that are required during early embryogenesis are deposited into the egg cytoplasm during oogenesis and are maternally provided.
  • My maternal grandfather died the best part of twenty years ago.
  • In some places, it meant maternal mortality and female infanticide.
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