How To Use Materfamilias In A Sentence

  • And thank you for taking time from your busy days to let us know. materfamilias | Jack
  • The restaurant, whose kitchen is presided over by a distinguished-looking materfamilias, is one of those too-rare places where I order with confidence, knowing I will seldom be disappointed.
  • So concentrate your energies on your family and on that novel and blog only when you want to — RSS can let us know when that is. materfamilias | Q&A #2
  • I look forward to reading, first, Petite and someday, your novel. materfamilias | Post mortem
  • Because the materfamilias - for all her right-on, knit-your-own-lentils, manky-haired bullshit - was, once you scratched the surface, the most hyper-competitive pushy bitch of a mother it's humanly possible to imagine. Woodcraft Folk Memories
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  • But for me, you did manage to capture all of that in one delightful anecdote. materfamilias | Boss
  • Not that you need more advertising. materfamilias | Anniversaries
  • On visiting the Ancestral Perch last weekend, the pending ethics upgrade of our electricity was discussed with the materfamilias.
  • As a ninety-two-year-old materfamilias, Alice had one chief regret: “I took Maryann and Amy away from the farm, where they were happy as little girls, and exposed them to a more complicated world.” Raymond Carver
  • This evening, the spirits seem a little more accurate, particularly when they alight on a group of three Indian women, two older and one younger, who seem thrilled with information from their materfamilias; her grand-daughter is barely able to contain her excitement, even when she's being told to tidy her bedroom. Among the psychics
  • The debut album's lead single is a guitar-driven sing along that recalls the flamboyant heyday of Elton John as it charts a champagne fueled evening out on the town with the materfamilias.
  • Tiberius needed people to accept Livia as both kingmaker and Roman materfamilias par excellence. Caesars’ Wives
  • It focuses on the relationship between materfamilias Diane and her daughter Love (herself a new mother), two strong-willed, articulate women, whose bond is strong but fraught with conflict.
  • She shines as the materfamilias who has passed her navel-gazing tendencies to her daughters.

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