How To Use Marsh plant In A Sentence

  • Tidal-marsh plants like smooth cordgrass absorb wave energy and filter sediment, providing vital nursery and feeding grounds for young fish and crabs as well as food and cover for marsh birds and other animals.
  • Or climate warming could be accelerating the rate at which marsh plants such as cattails, bulrushes, and sedges invade ponds and convert them to meadows.
  • Marsh plant has very important function in constructed wetlands system. It has not only adsorption and application nutrient in sewage, adsorption and enrichment heavy metal of sewage.
  • They usually fill with marsh plants such as arrowhead, water arum, and pickerelweed. The Field Guide to Wildlife Habitats of the Eastern United States
  • The stem is delicate, seldom branching, prostrate, and rooting as a marsh plant.
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  • Low tide exposes many characteristic saltmarsh plants that provide a vegetarian menu, which is equally vital for the birds, including sea arrowgrass, scurvy grass and sea lavender.
  • The salt-marsh planthopper Pissonotus quadripustulatus is monophagous on B. frutescens.
  • Other common salt marsh plants include black rush, saltwort, marsh lavender and marsh elder. Narragansett Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Rhode Island

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