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How To Use mark up In A Sentence

  • They call the ruddy tinge over the forehead "the cross upon crutches"; for long ago, they say, a great gipsy hero had that mark upon his brow in lines of fire; and to this day all people with a fiery lock of hair, they believe, bring luck to them. Jim Davis
  • I will admit I do not know how the mark up compares between bows and guns but I do know the resale is not comparable. Two Shotguns Equal One Bow?
  • So she might either mark up the wines, projecting their worth in five years down the road and price them accordingly, or instead cellar them.
  • And the Lord set a mark upon Cain
  • Tall and strikingly elegant with her trademark upswept hairdo, she was almost regal in her anger. JUST BETWEEN US
  • Similarly, authors are encouraged to consider whether other elements might be more applicable than the i element, for instance the em element for marking up stress emphasis, or the dfn element to mark up the defining instance of a term. Web Teacher › HTML5 working draft on italic and bold
  • It is rude to remark upon the appearance of other people.
  • It is rude to remark upon the appearance of other people.
  • It turned out I was wrong - it was just yet another lanky type dressed incongruously in white shirt, blazer and jeans, and sporting that trademark upper-class floppy hair.
  • It seems that he had dived down into what was peculiarly his kingdom, and beside him on the settee was a brand which he had brought up in the shape of a slim, flame-like young woman with a pale, intense face, youthful, and yet so worn with sin and sorrow that one read the terrible years which had left their leprous mark upon her. The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes
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