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  • He built hospitals and buildings for several universities, and (in more festal mood) the heraldic gates of San Marino, the strange little independent republic not far from Urbino.
  • However, San Marino's national soccer team hasn't enjoyed the same success that the Italian team has.
  • The mysticete brain is still a land of mystery," Marino says. New Scientist - Online News
  • A subversive Cytherean imagery was next taken up by the poet and fabulist Jean de La Fontaine, friend to Scudery and admirer of Marino.
  • The combo of Adam Scott (previously), Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen, Lizzy Caplan, and Martin Starr positively slays me, and the banter is as weird and amazing as anything on 30 Rock. 'Party Down': Kristen Bell, Jane Lynch, and the funniest show you've never seen |
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  • Based largely on the lush Hastings archives in the Huntington Library in San Marino, California, it is the story of Henry Hastings, fifth earl of Huntingdon, and his lord lieutenancy of Leicestershire in the early seventeenth century.
  • The Mussolini application was created by a 25-year-old from Naples, Luigi Marino, who said he in no way wanted to "eulogise" the fascist era. news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph
  • From 1523 until his elevation to the cardinalate in 1528, Marino lived in Venice, where he could manage the affairs of the patriarchate of Aquileia.
  • He also pointed out that a further 300 spin off jobs from the Marino Point plant could be in jeopardy if it was closed.
  • Back in my school in San Marino California before the schools ends on June 14th the poster board stood in the breezeway during snack breaks and lunch time for a few days.
  • The stratigraphic positions of the palaeovalleys in the Adelaide fold belt rule out glacial eustacy related to the preceding widespread Marinoan glaciation as a possible cause of palaeovalley incision.
  • What wisdom did he impart after the horrors of San Marino? Times, Sunday Times
  • One of the New York City firefighters from the Sept. 11 tragedy missing and presumed dead is Ken Marino, a huge Ken Griffey
  • The Flea rattles its ghostly chains in glee at a visitor from San Marino.
  • Marino is more effusive: ‘We got out the car after we'd both driven it, and we kind of looked at each other, started laughing and had a hug.’
  • The government of San Marino should be advised the Flea stands ready for any offers of citizenship or professorial sinecures.
  • The heat was ricocheting round the Sport Hall and the home crowd was blasting out encouragement to Marino Columbu the Sardinian star wrestler.
  • In littore maris miraculosè veniunt ibi semel in anno, per tres continuos dies, quasi de omni genere piscium marinorum, in maxima abundantia: et præbent se omnibus liberè capiendos ad manum. The Voyages and Travels of Sir John Mandeville
  • A patent signed by Marino and dated August 24, 1536, which entitled Clovio to the benefice of the nearby church of S. Bartolomeo a Castel Rigone, supports Vasari's account.
  • The body was then exhumed and taken to the city morgue in Marino where a post-mortem was carried out.
  • His interests then turned to publications on mnemonics, which he collected and donated to the University of San Marino.
  • San Marino were beaten, Croatia were held, and Brown's escapology confounded his critics once more.
  • Another sculptural highlight at Sotheby's will be Marino Marini's "L'Idea del cavaliere" 1955, one of the artist's famous depictions of horse and rider. Making a Big Impression
  • Theresa Marino thought she understood parishioners' reservations about engaging the abortion issue.
  • Amy didn't so much laugh as cough, and Father Marino, companionable, did too.
  • However, John de Wolf made it 3-0 after 52 minutes and from then San Marino were in total disarray.
  • Fans at the San Marino Grand Prix can finally feel what it's like to drive Michael Schumacher's Ferrari.
  • After a lengthy break, Marino is back and is pretty much picking up where he left off.
  • Marino treats the conflation of the metamorphosed Daphne with the poet's instrument and song at length, perhaps in order to strengthen the connection with the eclogue that directly follows it in his collection, entitled ‘Siringa.’
  • I ran out of fingers to count on during the World Cup hosts' 13-0 laugher over San Marino on Wednesday.
  • Marinoff continued to act on the stage after her marriage, appearing as Ariel in the tercentenary revival of The Tempest in 1916, and as a lead in the Greenwich Village Players from 1916 to 1917. Fania Marinoff.
  • But Marino said the DNA analysis does not completely rule out Sam Sheppard as a source of the blood.
  • What wisdom did he impart after the horrors of San Marino? Times, Sunday Times
  • According to reports in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Marino said a court order to stop the procedure may be sought.
  • In addition to the two mob hits, Marino, whose alleged crime family ties go back 50 years, is charged with labor racketeering as far back as 1980, as well as more recent schemes involving extortion, loansharking and gambling. Jerry Capeci: Feds Plea Offer in Mob Sex Case Seems Rather Unseemly
  • The Rosmarino starts with the rosemary vodka, dry vermouth and a hint of Pernod, served ice cold with a caper berry.
  • Australian firm, Marinova has for several years been working in the area of seaweed fucoidan extraction and it previously claimed to be the only company to have developed a coldwater, ethanol-free process to extract fucoidans, which unlike ethanol based extraction does not degrade the product. NutraIngredients RSS
  • Cardinal Marino was the papal legate to Perugia between 1535 and 1539.
  • Another lesser-known contradiction of federal cannabis policies has to do with the THC tetrahydrocannabinol pill Marinol. Steph Sherer: Politics Ignoring Science: Federal Agency Recognizes Therapeutic Benefit of Medical Marijuana While 9-Year-Old Petition to Reclassify the Plant Gathers Dust
  • Postage stamps from the famed, tiny republic of San Marino are very often bought as souvenirs or gifts.
  • Marino obtained the drugs by forging his doctor's signature on a prescription.
  • Mr. Marino said Mr. Aleynikov has been an active member of the open-source code programming community, which believes such nonproprietary computer code should be shared with the world. Goldman Code-Theft Trial Opens
  • San Marino is an Independent republic and enclave within northern Italy, with a population of 46,500.
  • ‘Our sole purpose is the protection of nature,’ added Marinov.
  • Marino obtained the drugs by forging his doctor's signature on a prescription.
  • 'Marino Faliero' was the first of his productions in which, relinquishing the so-called classic rules, he endeavored, as a French critic fitly remarks, to introduce a kind of eclecticism in stage literature; a bold attempt, tempered with prudent reserve, in which he wisely combined the processes favored by the new school with current tradition. Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern — Volume 11
  • Marino abounds in puerile conceits; but they are not far-fetched, like those of Donne and Cowley; they generally lie on the surface, and often consist of nothing more than a mere play upon words; so that, if to be a punster is to be a metaphysician, Marino is a poetical Heraclitus. Lives of the English Poets
  • The victory keeps San Marino's dream of a World Cup place alive.
  • And then he found out that Phoebe had a twin, and that Laura Marinos was their 'triplet'. Blu94anjel Diary Entry
  • When the miniaturist Giulia Clovio re-entered the household of his former patron Cardinal Marino Grimani in 1534, he was returning to the sophisticated environment in which he had been trained.
  • The victory keeps San Marino's dream of a World Cup place alive.
  • He became the NFL's career leader in completions, passing Dan Marino, and finished the season with 3,885 yards and 18 touchdowns to go with 18 interceptions. - Football - Green Bay vs. Chicago
  • In the Republic of San Marino, there is a deep?rooted veneration of the Saint Marinus, the legendary founder of the Republic.
  • What wisdom did he impart after the horrors of San Marino? Times, Sunday Times

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