1. advanced theropods including oviraptorids and dromaeosaurs and possibly even modern birds
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How To Use Maniraptora In A Sentence

  • The hands and wrists of Archaeopteryx and maniraptoran theropods are extremely similar.
  • The proximal end of the carpometacarpus is a large, trochleated, convex lump that is very obviously homologous with the semi-lunate carpal bone of non-avian maniraptoran theropods. ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science
  • All these feather types have been found in fossil impressions of theropods, the dinosaur suborder that includes Tyrannosaurus rex as well as birds and other Maniraptorans.
  • True feathers, so far as we know, were restricted to maniraptorans (the theropod clade that includes oviraptors, dromaeosaurs and birds), but simpler, filament-like integumentary structures appear to have evolved much earlier within theropod history, probably at or around the base of Coelurosauria. Happy Christmas, from gigantic Spanish sauropods... or, alas, poor ‘Angloposeidon’
  • Among the coelurosaurians, the subgroup of maniraptorans evolved true broad feathers on their limbs.
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