How To Use Mandelbrot In A Sentence

  • MAndelbrot actually studied some tree ring series and some varved sediments. More on Esper et al [2002] « Climate Audit
  • Mandelbrot has received numerous honours and prizes in recognition of his remarkable achievements.
  • We were greeted by a table filled with all sorts of goodies: sweet and sour chicken, cocktail meatballs, mandelbrot, Max's cookies named for Sam's mom -- they were her favorite, buttermilk kugel, and brickle cake. Archive 2006-07-01
  • The Mandelbrot set provides a striking example.
  • According to Joan Nathan, it may have been the large Jewish population that once resided in Piedmont, Italy that brought biscotti to Eastern Europe, where it was subsequently adapted and became known as Mandelbrot, which means almond bread. Jewesses With Attitude - Where Jewish women tell it like it is
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  • The most famous computer-generated fractal is called the Mandelbrot set - a swirling, feathery, seemingly organic landscape that is reminiscent of the natural world, but is nonetheless completely virtual. BBC News - Home
  • A few days ago I heard a real cool contribution from Mandelbrot on the Audiophob label sampler "Hyperakusis". Side-Line news feed
  • The Mandelbrot set is beautiful even if it is the monochromatic blot in the middle of the colorful depiction of equipotential lines.
  • Benoit Mandelbrot, the father of fractal theory and a pioneer in the study of market swings, argues that finance is prone to a "wild" randomness not usually seen in nature.
  • The lines strictly demarcating (and hence, in contrast to fractals, terminating) the process or non-fractal changes in the shapes of the bodies themselves may give one pause, but, I admit, this is a matter of interpretation, since such figures may be read as indicating potential fractality of the type one finds in the Mandelbrot set. Chaosmic Orders: Nonclassical Physics, Allegory, and the Epistemology of Blake's Minute Particulars.
  • Holocaust survivors and other immigrant women pass on their memories of the food — and life — they once knew by preparing lokshen kugel (noodle pudding), tzimmes (stewed carrots), mandelbrot (a strudel-like butter cookie) and kreplach (dumplings), providing their children and grandchildren with a “taste of the past” that reflects their cultural and geographic origins. Food in the United States.
  • It's called the Mandelbrot Set (from now on, the M-Set) and you're soon going to meet it everywhere - in the design of fabrics, wallpaper, jewelry, and linoleum. The Ghost from the Grand Banks
  • Blake would appear to find the latter conceptually and aesthetically interesting and productive up to a point, but boring in infinity, however intricate fractality may be, such as that of the famous Mandelbrot set. Chaosmic Orders: Nonclassical Physics, Allegory, and the Epistemology of Blake's Minute Particulars.
  • The recruiter had shown Dory some extremely cool virtuality graphics of things called Mandelbrot sets. METAPLANETARY
  • Mandelbrot is Yiddish for "almond bread" and is slightly different than biscotti (Italian for "twice cooked"). J. Weekly
  • Then, on June 6, 1944, the Allies landed in Normandy, and only months after living in daily fear of his life, Dr. Mandelbrot soon found himself at France's elite Ecole Polytechnique. Benoit Mandelbrot, pioneer in fractal geometry, dies at 85
  • The Mandelbrot set is not an invention of the human mind: it was a discovery.
  • Benoit Mandelbrot pioneered fractal geometry
  • It tends to be taken for granted," Schipke says, "That the Mandelbrot is too calculation-intensive to be done without computers. Archive 1999-04-01
  • Some of the early investigators of chaos were the American physicist Mitchell Feigenbaum; the Polish-born mathematician and inventor of fractals see fractal geometry Benoit Mandelbrot; the American mathematician James Yorke, who popularized the term “chaos”; and the American meteorologist Edward Lorenz. Exponential Growth in Physical Systems #2 « Climate Audit
  • Benoît Mandelbrot was that IBM employee who successfully measured the coastline of England in 1967, coined the term fractal in 1975 and opened new worlds in mathematics and now, I believe, human emotional understanding. Fractal Geometry, Human Emotion and Social Marketing - Tom Troja - MediaBizBloggers
  • This is a very deep zoom into a fractal called the Mandelbrot set. the boundary of the Mandelbrot set is infinite in length and detail. the deeper you go the more complex the image gets. Vimeo / Recent Public Videos

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