How To Use Mammary gland In A Sentence

  • We have demonstrated the utility of our approaches by examining developmental changes in the murine mammary gland during the transition to puberty.
  • To promote adolescent breast development is mixed mammary gland atrophy appears after the old age in avoiding, should eat more contain a lot ofa vitamin E and be helpful for hormone excretive food.
  • In utero and lactational treatment with 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin impairs mammary gland differentiation but does not block the response to exogenous estrogen in the postpubertal female rat. WHAT REALLY HAPPENED
  • Female breasts physiologically are mammary glands, designed to convey nourishment to newborn babies.
  • Mammary glands evolved in the mammalian lineage after mammals and frogs split from their amniote ancestor. About 'What Darwin Got Wrong'
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  • Conclusion The results suggested that fluid acupuncture may have inhibitive effect on the hyperplasia of mammary glands by regulating endocrine dyscrasia.
  • If the egg is fertilized, the placenta produces progesterone, whose effects include preparing the mammary glands for lactation. Many forms of oral contraception use a synthetic progesterone.
  • Most frequently seen are supernumerary nipples anywhere along the primitive milk line, though true accessory mammary glands are most frequently located in the axilla (polymastia).
  • _A predisposing cause_ in the development of mammitis is a high development of the mammary glands. Common Diseases of Farm Animals
  • Mammary gland carcinoma induced in the rat with DMBA has a histogenetic pathogenesis comparable to that of human breast cancer.
  • This results in mastitis - an inflammation of the mammary glands.
  • Taken together, these data demonstrate that the SERM-mediated virilism observed in female rats is likely independent of the mammary gland ER antagonism of SERMs.
  • Mammary glands during lactation were excised from two swh/swh and two swh / + females on the day of their delivery.
  • Mammary gland inflammation and breast cancer all can appear axillary nodes, upper arm swelling of the axillary lymph node dissection caused extensive transfer.
  • Mammary gland sends lymphatic caruncle formerly, often can accompany have show of systemic lymph node enlargement.
  • In this research, HE dyeing and TEM ultramicrotomy were applied for the study on the microstructure and ultrastructure of dairy goat mammary gland.
  • Cutaneous glands include the sebaceous, sweat, lacrimal, and mammary glands.
  • The mammary glands also develop under sequential reciprocal interactions between the epithelium and adjacent mesenchyme.
  • The mammary glands are specialized cutaneous glands that develop rapidly but incompletely at puberty.
  • Short dry periods provide insufficient time for regeneration and involution of mammary gland tissue.
  • Pharynx, larynx, urethra, and portions of the excretory ducts of salivary and mammary glands.
  • Anthrax due to insect bite introduction (mechanical transmission) is characterized by localized hot, painful, edematous, and subcutaneous swellings at the bite location that spread to the throat, lower neck, floor of the thorax, abdomen, prepuce, and mammary glands. Anthrax
  • Ichinose and Nandi first showed that whole mammary glands from hormone-pretreated pubescent mice can undergo normal lobuloalveolar development in vitro in the presence of specific lactogenic hormones.
  • = The breasts, also called mammary glands, or mamm√¶ Woman Her Sex and Love Life
  • Mammary gland sends lymphatic caruncle formerly, often can accompany have show of systemic lymph node enlargement.
  • The motions of the shoulder upon the trunk do not influence the position of the female mammary gland, for the pectoral muscle acts freely beneath it; but when a scirrhus or other malignant growth involves the mammary organ, and this latter contracts, by the morbid mass, a close adhesion to the muscle, then these motions are performed with pain and difficulty. Surgical Anatomy
  • To stimulate the spirit of the poor in sullen, lonely angst is hyperplasia of mammary gland flocculus "catalyst".
  • Not certain, target of mammary gland molybdenum is smooth piece can differentiate cancer, the proposal checks.
  • In echidnas, the egg is carried in a pouch on the female's belly until the young hatches, at which point the barely-developed young must find a mammary gland and latch onto it for nourishment.
  • The mammary glands are specialized cutaneous glands that develop rapidly but incompletely at puberty.
  • We altered the proteome of mammary gland cells in our clonal herd of cows, so that the milk would contain the oligomeric building blocks of the synthetic fibers you wanted. Eight Maids a'Milking

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