How To Use Malpighia In A Sentence

  • The mesenteron and Malpighian tubules are generally responsible for detoxification by accumulation of ingested metal salts in insects.
  • Some of the flora in these areas include Acacia glamerosa, Bulnesia arborea, Bourreria cumanensis, Copaifera venezuelana, Gyrocarpus americanus, Jacquinia pungens, Malpighia glabra, Myrospermum frutescens, Piptadenia flava, and Ritterocereus griseus. Maracaibo dry forests
  • Breathing is by special gas exchange organs along the side of the body called tracheae and malpighian tubules.
  • Some plants seem as a normal occurrence to produce flowers of different construction, and are hence termed dimorphic, as in many _Malpighiaceæ_, _Violaceæ_, _Oxalidaceæ_, in some of the flowers of which the petals are altogether wanting, while in others the corolla is developed as usual. Vegetable Teratology An Account of the Principal Deviations from the Usual Construction of Plants
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