How To Use Magniloquent In A Sentence

  • In short, this Budget, which did not correspond with the magniloquent speech of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, could not stand.
  • Trend micro house has its yenta as an decreasing echelon, tenebrionid magniloquently anabiotic dasyatidae in an dishy pharmacologic batrachomyomachia. Rational Review
  • the orator spoke magniloquently
  • Mrs. Samuel Smith, an American lady, known to my cousin, asked for my accompaniment to a magniloquent lecture the other evening.
  • Come Around Sundown," the band's fifth album, is thick with growly, momentous rock songs that arrive in an era dominated by magnificent pop stars (Lady Gaga), magniloquent rap stars (Lil Wayne) and mash-ups of the two (Kanye West). Kings of Leon bemoan their rock stardom on latest album, 'Come Around Sundown'
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  • Their orators grew magniloquent over its tyrannical oppression; the Southern press overflowed with that marvellous exuberance of diatribe of which they are the acknowledged masters -- to all of which the complaisant North gave a ready and subservient concurrence, until the very name reeked in the public mind with infamous associations and degrading ideas. Bricks without Straw A Novel
  • Here's a handy list: primary atypical pneumonia, humectant, lapis lazuli, magniloquent, magnetohydrodynamic, deuteranopia, bryology, vorlage, Wesleyan.
  • I had no idea ‘If you will ‘was supposed to be a magniloquent term in the 2000s, according to Fleming.
  • By the time they got near to Pickwance, he himself had waxed almost magniloquent on the cultivation of turnips. SOMETHING IN THE WATER
  • MACDONALD is magniloquent, perhaps a bit thrasonical; Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 100, February 28, 1891
  • The pompous, respectable, full-wigged folios, with their long lists of subscribers, and their magniloquent dedications, find their permanent abiding-places in noblemen's collections, where, unless -- with the _Chrysostom_ in Pope's verses -- they are used for the smoothing of bands or the pressing of flowers, no one ever disturbs their drowsy diuturnity. De Libris: Prose and Verse

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