How To Use Magic marker In A Sentence

  • The next step was to get a big red magic marker.
  • Back in 2002, in a much-publicized debacle, the copy-protection scheme Sony used was undermined in a decidedly low-tech way: You simply needed to draw a line around the CD with a magic marker.
  • Take 3 coins (or tokens or buttons, but really, coins are best) and label them 1-30 with a washable magic marker.
  • Sarah Palin, went on a-- I assume you know this -- went on a vacation -- you can look at the picture there -- to Hawaii and wore a sun visor with your name blacked out in magic marker. Taegan Goddard's Political Wire
  • The mailbox was one of the usual silvery aluminum boxes, with the numbers written neatly in Magic Marker, 22219.
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  • When he stuck his head in the CWA, he saw the board was filled, a Magic Marker tribute to bad doctor scrawl. DO NO HARM
  • She also defaces a sweater with a black Magic Marker, then neatly folds it and puts back on its closet shelf. 2009 April 27 « One-Minute Book Reviews
  • I uncapped a blue magic marker and carefully copied what he was writing onto a name tag.
  • Inside is a room with just four tables, a couple of huge stacks of tottering CDs that threaten to poleaxe the barman, and shelves lined with wine bottles, each one with the price scribbled on the glass in silver magic marker.
  • The mailbox was one of the usual silvery aluminum boxes, with the numbers written neatly in Magic Marker, 22219.
  • The note is written in Magic Marker and thumb-tacked to her apartment door.
  • Pigmented shellac is the typical interior sealer (seals crayon, magic marker, etc). Mold
  • I've found that felt tip pens or magic markers are excellent for 'tattooing' non-permanent symbols on skin for specific rituals.
  • Offers a Swiss drafting compass which will hold a magic marker and draw a perfect circle.
  • We sat at the table and drew on tissues with magic markers, and then hung them in the window because they looked just like stained glass if you kind of squinted when you looked at them. Hanging with the Scribbler family
  • The man who had drawn I-69 with a Magic Marker in Shreveport in 1991 stood in the crowd on the undriven concrete and watched while the Mississippians filed down off the stage and lined up along the ribbon with pairs of scissors. Interstate 69

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