How To Use Macroevolution In A Sentence

  • Creationists are usually more careful about distinguishing between microevolution and macroevolution at this point.
  • This new synthesis emphasizes three morphological areas of biology that had been marginalized by the Modern Synthesis of genetics and evolution: embryology, macroevolution, and homology.
  • In our science curriculum standards, we called this microevolution and macroevolution - changes within kinds and changing from one kind to another.
  • As an evolutionary biologist, I would assert that the modification of the ancestral homeobox function (i.e. longitudinal differentiation) into the regulation of longitudinal metameric development would qualify as an example of evolutionary exaptation, which Stephen Jay Gould emphasized as one of the principle mechanisms of macroevolution. Ancient Predator Revealed!
  • The creation science folks accept microevolution but not macroevolution.
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  • The minimal definition of macroevolution is “evolution above the species level”, but it has become a catchall term encompassing everything from speciation to lineage-diversification and extinction dynamics to “evolution of ‘higher taxa’” ack! go read “down with phyla!” to vaguely defined “large” amounts of change to evo-devo changes in development. "Intraspecific macroevolution" within domestic dog breeds - The Panda's Thumb
  • The next generation of advances in macroevolution and evolutionary paleoecology will not occur until a well-tested phylogenetic classification is established.
  • A chief difficulty in arguing for macroevolution by mutations is the fact that most expressed mutations are either lethal or semi-lethal.
  • The creation science folks accept microevolution but not macroevolution.
  • Regardless of the macroevolutionary issues at stake, most students of biodiversity would agree that there is value in calibrating global biodiversity trends through critical intervals.
  • This blanket dismissal of evolution ignores important distinctionsthat divide the field into at least two broad areas: microevolution andmacroevolution.
  • There's no difference between microevolution and macroevolution. Houston Chronicle
  • On the surface, genomes therefore appear to meet all the necessary criteria, and to warrant inclusion in the macroevolutionary hierarchy.
  • In antievolution literature, vertical change equates with macroevolution, or evolution above the species level.
  • He describes saltationism, which is what I think Alan is referring to, extremely exaggerates the evolutionary role of saltations, considering these to be the main factor of speciation and macroevolution. Common Descent & Common Design – An Unexpected Outcome
  • The other thing I like about the conclusion of “intraspecific macroevolution” is that it tweaks a lot of standard tropes that even we scientists have about what is meant by the word “macroevolution.” "Intraspecific macroevolution" within domestic dog breeds - The Panda's Thumb
  • The bottom line that is in keeping with the title of the essay - not only can this particular macroevolutionary process be studied experimentally, it can be understood and the corresponding macroevolutionary process recapitulated in a controlled setting. The Panda's Thumb: Arthur Hunt Archives
  • Evolutionary biologists debate fiercely about how macroevolutionary change emerges from microevolution.
  • For this reason, it should come as little surprise that proponents of a hierarchical approach to macroevolution do not consider anagenesis to be the dominant mode of species transformation.

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