1. an Anatolian language
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How To Use Lydian In A Sentence

  • Hypophrygian, [G: c (e ') b'] dominant, A. Hypolydian, [G: c '(f') c ''] dominant, A. Hypo-mixolydian, [G: d '(g') d ''] dominant, C. Critical and Historical Essays Lectures delivered at Columbia University
  • We know the Doric mood sounds gravity and sobriety; the Lydian, buxomness and freedom; the Æolic, sweet stillness and quiet composure; the Phrygian, jollity and youthful levity; the Ionic is a stiller of storms and disturbances arising from passion; and why may we not reasonably suppose, that those whose speech naturally runs into the notes peculiar to any of these moods, are likewise in nature hereunto congenerous? Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3)
  • The liberty which we are supposing may be most completely given to them in the form of such a power as is said to have been possessed by Gyges the ancestor of Croesus the Lydian.
  • We overhere grew up with the blues and we heard it in everything we did, even the church music that turned us on the most wasn't those dried up old fig mixolydian and lydian modes from the white church--snoring songs, I call them, but rather the powerful swinging blues-developed gospel hymns of the swinging black choirs and the lead vocalists those choirs carried with them. Empirical Study #1(WITH PORTIONS LOST FOREVER)
  • It is susceptible of nodes or modes as far apart as hyperphrygian and mixolydian and of texts so divergent as priests haihooping round David's that is Circe's or what am I saying Ceres 'altar and David's tip from the stable to his chief bassoonist about the alrightness of his almightiness. Ulysses
  • Instead of a soloist intent on wowing listeners with his mastery of the mixolydian scales, - Local New
  • Their unfamiliar appearance and smell so unsettled the enemy horses that the Lydian troopers were forced to dismount and fight on foot, where they were decisively defeated.
  • (mixed Lydian and Hypolydian) with drunkenness, effeminacy, and idleness and considers that such music is "useless even to women that are to be virtuously given, not to say to men. Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 4 Sexual Selection In Man
  • Does a discussion of the Lydian mode really enhance the layman's enjoyment of a mazurka? Ganz's copious, commanding Chopin project
  • In the Hypolydian, the semitones occur between the fourth and fifth, and seventh and eighth: [F: e - f g (a b -) c '(d' e - ')] Critical and Historical Essays Lectures delivered at Columbia University
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