How To Use Lucubration In A Sentence

  • Uno verbo, inde judicare Hcet quanta sit fides adhibenda editioni quae tot clarorum virorum, tum defunctorum, tum adhuc in terris degentium, lucubrationibus fuerit illustrata. Satirae ad codices Parisinos
  • Clearly a great deal of midnight oil was consumed by the Pink Book writers in agonizing lucubrations about what … Literacy News – 73th Edition « News « Literacy News
  • I had, moreover, recently made a tragic acquaintance with the Greek Drama in the person of a scoundrel called Aeschylus, whose sickening lucubrations I was forced to learn by heart, and now and then to copy out, a hundred lines at a time, till I grew to detest him. Boycotted And Other Stories
  • The result was a long dramatic elucubration, which reminds us involuntarily of certain of Mlle. Smith's subliminal productions. Mrs. Piper & the Society for Psychical Research
  • Most of all, he loved [comic books] for the pictures and the stories they contained, the inspiration and lucubration of five hundred aging boys dreaming as hard as they could for fifteen years, transfiguring their insecurities and delusions, their wishes and their doubts, their public education and their sexual perversions, into something that only the most purblind of societies would have denied the status of art. Archive 2007-08-01
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  • Their lucubrations may be persuasive, but not authoritative.
  • Further, the lucubrations of a bitter, lonely, and hurt old man did indeed lead him to a convenient anti-Semitism above the then-norm in his old age.
  • This immediately puts its finger on Powell's distinctive wit and suggests why the narrative voice of Dance is so engaging, as are lucubrations like the above one about marriage.
  • Reading these elucubrations of Alfonso's, one feels that the saint has pondered long and lovingly upon themes like _an et quando peccata sint oscula_ or _de tactu et adspectu corporis; _ he writes with all the authority of an expert whose richly-varied experiences in the confessional have been amplified and irradiated by divine inspiration. Old Calabria
  • What is so deeply revolting about her lucubrations is their unutterable and invincible bourgeois complacency.
  • Mr. Charming is a boon, and we would not have missed his lucubration on any account. Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 12, No. 33, December, 1873
  • The foxed corners and their yellowing hue recalled the nightmarish quality of those hours, his feverish lucubration, searching for their order, for their signification. At Swim, Two Boys
  • The present lucubration being intended as a warning not to move from _one_ home till another is secured; the next will be an example how country quarters are enjoyed, and a description of how pale cheeks are turned into red ones by living in the open air. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Vol 58, No. 357, July 1845
  • Only through the study on computer graphics and mastery of basic knowledge of three-dimensional cartoon, the lucubration of visualized simulation is possible.
  • I would like to have a meditation, a rumination, a lucubration, a bombination, about the prostate. Writing about the certainty of death
  • The word being explained, Solomon proceeded to repeat — “A man that marries must make up his mind to much ademption; he must be content to have his morning studies and his lucubrations disturbed, which will by no means adjuvate his improvements in the sciences.” Lovers and Friends; or, Modern Attachments
  • On the other hand, the Journal-Constitution also brings us the counterpoint to his lucubrations.
  • Four days after this learned 'lucubration' the voice of the warm-hearted magistrate speaks in a reminder of the prevailing abject misery of the London poor who “in the most miserable lingering Manner do daily perish for Want in this Metropolis.” Henry Fielding A Memoir
  • As such, he was the recipient of lucubrations from countless cranks; but this particular lucubration was so different from the average ruck of similar letters that, instead of putting it into the waste-basket, he had turned it over to a reporter. Goliah
  • He evangelized for an idiosyncratic version of Henri Bergson's creative evolution, stripped of the Frenchman's lucubrations on space, time, duration, memory, and mind.
  • Whether they are actuated by folly and anile devotion, or whether by arrogance and malice so that they alone may be held to possess the secrets of God, I know not: this much I do know, that I find in their writings nothing which has the air of a Divine secret, but only childish lucubrations. Theologico-Political Treatise

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